Is the MasterCard available to Serbian residents?

    • Fr0z3nByt3
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      On the fees page, once I select country Serbia I don't see the option to have the card.
      Also what is the most economic way (with less fees) to withdraw EUR from pokersites for me? I now have a Skrill account in RSD, but I think I should contact support to help me change it to EUR...
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    • Lazza61
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      Hey Fr0x3nByt3,

      If you don't see it on the fees page for Serbia then I would assume it's not available in your jurisdiction. You can always check with their support to make sure.


    • ristegjoshev
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      yes it is
    • HNRoger
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      You cannot change currency on skrill, so now your skrill is just as +!'"!'"!ed up as mine.
      Even if you would get a mastercard, that card is at usd currency, you will get taxed like crazy.
      I can only recommend different withdraw options to you, i lost piles of money through double currency exchanges that skrill made thanks to this BS
    • nidzika
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      Your best option is to close current Skrill account and open new one with EUR currency. Before doing that you should contact Skrill support and tell them that you want to close current account and open new one with new currency. They will tell you everything you need to do. After opening new account, order Skrill Mastercard in EUR currency (same currency as your new account to avoid fees). That's it.
      Be patient as Skrill support is very slow.
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