• Asaloyedoff
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      This is my question about a weakness I have spotted in my game...(cash or tournament situation)

      Let's say stake sizes are even all round with 50BB...
      I raise 3x in middle position and SB calls.
      Flop comes, SB checks... I almost always C-Bet 1/2 - 3/4 the pot regardless of my hand.
      However as the tournament/cash game goes on it's a pretty noticeable repeated play and I find it's easy to 3-bet me light or flat call hoping that I shut down on the turn.
      Does anyone have any opinions on this play (I think it's a pretty common strategy) and how it can be improved...

      I mix it up here and there and I'm thinking the approach depends on my opponents style, but does anyone have any tips?

      Thank you!
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    • dannywratten
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      What is your flop cbet %?You should probably be cbetting less & barrelling more (in cash games anyway) dont ask me about tourneys :D

      You can start by checking some weak top pairs & some second pairs with backdoor equity to bluffcatch, so that you're not always just checking to fold.

      Cbet draws & backdoor draws you can barrel good runouts with since people will call a lot & fold later streets. Also then you won't just be barrelling your monsters

      If you know someone is super aggro you can start c/raising some value hands because you know they will bet vs missed cbet.