2:1 odds right call with any situation?

    • 18071987
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      Tried to find article about when we should call 2:1, but is hard to find.
      So my question is.

      1.We should always call when we get odds 2:1 (when someone pushing)?

      2.Is tho same concept when we pushing (example hero SB 10BB, opponent BB 3BB)? Should we push any2?

      3. Should we call 2:1 even when we risk to knock out from a tourney?

      4. Better to pass and wait for better spot and have fEQ? ( UTG push 3BB we are on BB with 8BB so when we pass we will have still 8 BB and fEQ when we call we wil have 5 BB and no fEQ?

      how you think guys?
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    • kurrkabin
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      I am for sure not calling any two everytime I get 2:1 pot odds. Really quick example-some is pushing 30% towards Ax, any pair and broadway-then when you see the equity bottom 20-30% have against that range-you don't get enough odds to make the call.
    • minoepoe
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      It is always situational. Consider the stack sizes of all the remaining players, the pushing range of your opponent, and most important, what happens if you lose the hand. There is no 1 clear answer that fits every scenario. Calling any 2 because you are getting the right odds is insanity. You do not want to lose 35% of your chipstack on the bubble, doubling up the shortstack in the process, because you had the right odds to call with your 79s.