[PROMOTION] Tell us your favourite poker video to win a Status Upgrade (WINNERS ANNOUNCED)

    • BarryCarter
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      Which video helped you the most this year?

      Between November 28 and December 14, we are hosting a promotion for you to tell your fellow PokerStrategists about the Poker School videos that made an impact on your game in 2014.

      • Find your favourite video in http://www.pokerstrategy.com/video/
      • In this thread, post the video link, title and author name.
      • Also include an explanation why it helped you more than the rest (Posts without explanation won't count towards the promotion).
      • Only one post allowed per member.

      Get upgraded and improve our School

      This is a great opportunity for you to share what you have learned this year, as well as starting your 2015 poker learning with a bang.

      We will award the best three video descriptions with the following prizes:

      1st. A PokerStrategy.com Goody Bag and a One Month Status Upgrade.
      2nd. A one month Status Upgrade.
      3rd. A one month Status Upgrade
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    • BarryCarter
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      I choose:

      Pleno1 Live Coaching at 50NL
      by Pleno1

      I chose it because Pleno1 has shown me that the skills of a cash game player can be transferred to tournament play, pretty successfully. Also if I am nice to him, he might give me some of his money.
    • BarryCarter
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    • grbell
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      As a beginning Poker player I would like to nominate Asaban's excellent MTT for beginners series of videos.

      Part 1:

      These videos really helped me to get deeper into tournaments. He provided a lot of supplementary material such as opening/shoving charts which really helped to know what to do in different situations. Before watching these videos I tended to get 'blinded out', but the info on stealing/restealing allowed me to stay alive for longer. As a result of these I managed to make top 20 in a William HIll VIP club freeroll - won a €75 voucher and then ended ITM in the Sunday special winning €180. Thanks Asaban.

      The pace of these videos is quite relaxed which means they are quite long but this is good for beginners as you have more time to absorb the material and there are more explanations due to the live coaching format.

      :appl: :f_thumbsup: :f_thumbsup:
    • Asaban
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      Hey grbell,

      great to see that my coaching gets mentioned. I am glad that it was received so well =)
      Congratulations on your results and best of luck for your tournament carrier!

    • grbell
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      Hi Asaban,

      Thanks for that. Hope you are able to make more videos for PS in the future. Have a great Christmas.

      Kind regards,
    • LemOn36
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      I choose:

      Theory Battle - Lackoogcb vs Sirrybob
      Oblioo Lackoogcb, Sirrybob

      Great format, great coaches, great fun + content :)
      EDIT: oh and it helped me in terms of mindset, Uri's mention of humility , question about different parts of ranges etc.
    • spewingdOnk
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      I choose:

      W34z3l's 10 part microstakes walkthrough series:

      link to the first one: http://www.pokerstrategy.com/video/32673/

      Everything is gradually explained from the very basic stuff to more complex stuff (for microstakes players ofcourse). Easy to understand and just great series in general for any microstakes cash grinder (strugller).
    • Tinsley15
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      Bogdan PS - "Further Holdem Manager 2 Report Filters - Preflop Leak Analysis".

      One of his shortest videos but very very usefull, especialy for me as a microstakes player. It shows you how to fix your preflop leaks and how to use Holdem Manager filters in proper way to avoid making mistakes and analize your own game. First video that i watched when i reached gold status, and of course i would recommend it to everyone who need to work on their game.
    • vandeuren
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      My favorite video for this year is w34s3ls NL Bootcamp- Postflop gameplan, Link
      W34s3l is my favorite producer, so I'm not surprised his walkthrough is already in this thread, however there is another video that had a really positive impact on my poker game.
      It's a recorded coaching from this summers bootcamp, and deals with constructing a gameplan for postflop Shorthanded cashgames. Like any good coach w34s3l doesn't just give all the right answers, but helps the group along the way and really makes you think for yourself. A lot of hands and were given as example for cbetting and barrelling, and there was so much feedback and interesting questions that came up a few topics had to be moved to the next session. At the end of this really busy coaching, w34z3l was kind enough to give me a very helpfull answer to my question from last weeks homework concerning iso-ranges.
      This coaching made me realise the importance of having a sound gameplan and changed my cbets untill this day. :f_thumbsup:
    • Fr0z3nByt3
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      I'll go with the webinar about HoldemResources Calculator. The calculator is the best software ever for SNG/MTT players and from that video I learned the basic features and some advanced ones and I'm sure it improved my ROI a lot.
    • Prodigy237
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      I would like to nominate w34z3l's walkthrough series, specifically the following video covering 3 betting ranges.

      Link Text...eo/32882/

      It's a part of my game that I have been working on, especially as I am hoping to move up levels early in the NY and as everyone knows each time you move up... the level of aggro increases. More importantly, I have implemented some of the changes at my current levels and it has improved my win rate [Nov - 38bb/100].

      GL @ the tables :f_thumbsup:
    • wlcKeD
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      I choose:

      W34z3l's Walkthrough - C-Betting and Planning
      by w34z3l
      Link: http://www.pokerstrategy.com/video/33400/

      I chose it because this video made really a HUGE change to my postflop game, as well as a nice noticeable changes in both red and blue lines ! :f_drink: Very WELL structured and INFORMATIVE video that I've seen by far, and of course - 200% USEFUL all the way ! A MUST SEE for every struggling microstakes player. :f_love:
    • Svinhugg
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      Of course W34z3ls walktrough have had an impact on my game - well, actually I my winrate is shrinking but I believe that it will be better in the long run, it is complicated to change your style of playing. But the video that I think will explain one of the issues I have is "Introduction to Stack to pot ratio" by Tackleberry - http://www.pokerstrategy.com/video/35590/

      I have noticed that my game is so much better when my stacks goes up over 200bbs. I thought that it was a natural consequnce of an upswing but more and more I have come to the conclusion that my style suits better for bigger stacks. It´s to early to tell yet but I believe that this series can be importent for me to better understand this subject and how to adapt to different stack-sizes.
    • deralte71
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      As i have only seen 2-3 videos this year :f_mad: , i liked the "Spin and Go with Collin Moshman and Anto11", it helped me avoid some common mistakes, while i shortly was intoxicated by the fun of the spin and goes
    • MrFlop
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      by: nanonoko

      Nanonoko is a beast, def. one of the best regs for mid/high stakes cash games, and even after 4 years this vid. made he is still crushing.
      Biggest winner on pokerstrategy(at least cash games for sure), and this video helped me a lot when i started grinding.
      It was easy to follow and well explained.
      MORE PLS.
    • joey1toe
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      My favorite video:

      Volume and Variance
      by BogdanPS

      I have chosen this video from BogdanPS because I found it when I was going through a nasty downswing of 20k hands at NL2 and this video has helped me understand variance and how you can be a winning player at a certain limit and still lose over a number of hands (even 100k hands). Actually this short 18 minute video made me not cash out the remainder of my roll and kiss poker goodbye and helped me so much in "enduring the storm" and eventually things got better and I came out of it :f_thumbsup: now I'm going through another nasty 13BI downswing so far but I'm not worried at all because I know it's just variance + some bad play here and there and I'll come out of this one as well. So thanks a lot for this video BogdanPS for me it was a career saver :s_drink:
    • Erdnase26
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      My favorite video:

      The Mental Game: Variance in Poker by Bogdan PS


      I have chosen this video because it explains variance in such a precise and crystal clear matter that it reduced my tilt to a degree which i thought wasn't possible beforehand. I was the guy throwing my mouse across the room after losing a 70/30 and 80/20 situation for the 700th time during a session but i am like all zen now thanks to this video! I understand variance much better now and instead of hating it.. i am embracing it!

      Thanks BogdanPS!!
    • RiQRiQ
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      The most important video for me is definitely:

      Asaban MTT for beginners http://www.pokerstrategy.com/video/33447/ (the whole series)

      This video made me realize that I can do this! Now there was a real starting strategy that was easy to follow. After this video I have mede it ITM in 3 freerols (only played 5) and couple of more micro stakes. Yesterday I was nro 7 at 180man turbo. And that was my third try at that format.

      Spezial thanks to all the other noobs in these videos. It is good that people asks so simple questions that you get them. And even so simple ones that you feel like you are not the biggest fish in tables :f_p: :f_p:
    • Marta
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      Nice, keep them coming! :f_drink: