Conversation in between hands

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      soo.. there i was at a poker table and just wanted to find out what the hell is going on in poker conversation
      while the cards are being shuffled i hear this guy looking at the guy 4 seats left to had KT?? he said yeah i had K.....T... a bit uncertain than looks at me (i'm literaly 2 seats left of him) what is that all about... ??? i don't understand poker as a conversation of picture cards and number cards. I hear guys talking while cards are being shuffled ... did you have Q9 that hand?? but no hands are delt yet.

      I know it's probably basic socializing. but i see people talking during hands about the hand while in progress... you can see this happening every time in any Poker show. Bringing into discussion the cards on the flop, for example a flop that comes Q7J a guy is talking than somebody asks "this week?" refering to the 7 , and "is it in Hustler?" refering to the Q.... did you talk to Sam ? refering to the Jack.....

      Can someone please enlighten me about how this conversation goes? or in other words how do the cards CAN or MUST be interpreted?

      i can give loads of examples... i remember one time Gus Hansen was "The designated driver" of the conversation... and while action was on a player on the flop* (*i guess it was on the flop) Negreanu asked him do you wanna go to *something*? Hansen replied i really don't wanna go to *something* . Than someone else asked Gus did you talk to Sam ? and i came clear to me he asked Gus if he had any connection to the Jack of hearts that was on the flop.

      I have loads of questions... about this topic. Mainly how do i interpret cards? Also how and when can i participate as a designated driver of a conversation?
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