Best site(s) for US players?

    • OhDoyleRules
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      Hello all, new to the site. Long-time player on Stars and FT but it's been a couple of years(obviously) and I haven't played since. Wanted to start up again.

      I live in NJ so thankfully I can play online. That being said, I already have accounts on WSOP and Party Poker. Are there any offers on here that I can use to sign up and earn bronze status? If not, what rooms are good for NJ players?

      Thanks in advance!

      EDIT: just figured out you guys dont have offers for US rooms. oh well...
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    • Lazza61
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      Hey OhDoyleRules,

      Unfortunately we can't offer any juicy deals for US players. The only way for a US player to upgrade their status is by buying a Points Package. If you were to buy a silver package for $9 a month ($5 a month if you take out a 12 month subscription), when the subscription expires you would revert to lifetime bronze.

      Then when the US re-entered the mainstream market (which I'm sure they'll do eventually), you'll have a head start on your compatriots who are mostly sitting on their hands waiting. And THEN we'll have juicy signups for US players. :f_biggrin: