Hi All, ive got a noob question

    • treiz3
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      Hi all, new to poker here. I found this site a few months ago but I just started playing a month ago. I got this small question to ask. I've been playing around with the Icm Trainer Light, first few lessons were rather easy but I'm stuck at lesson 5. Do you guys provide like a hand chart because it is rather hard to assimilate all that info (what hand to push regarding your position and the numbers of players left).

      Thanks in advance
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    • LuborC
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      Hi Treiz3,

      there is no chart as it would probably be more of a small book than just a chart. You have to take more than just your possition and the number of players into consideration. The stack sizes are also very important.
      I know it seems like a lot of information at first but if you download the ICM trainer (the full version) and play with it I think you will grasp the basics within a couple of days. If you are at least half serious about playing SNGs then all the time spent learning this will be very much worth it.

      Good luck at the tables!
    • Hlynkinn
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      You couldn't really fit ICM pushing ranges into a chart since every situation is different and your every time facing different opponents, different stack sizes, different number of players left and heroes edge is always different... Best way to learn icm is if you just run through the icm trainer light and after every single hand there you go down and check for the right ranges... AJs might be a easy push but you'll be surprised when the icm trainer tells you you could shove any suited ace in that situation :)

      So yeah to summarize it you should just keep training in the ICM trainer light and when you get pretty okay there move to the normal ICM trainer... And also when you reach silver status there is a article about ICM you might wanna take a look at...

      Good luck at the tables