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HEM2 for 9 man turbos

    • sooley570
      Joined: 27.11.2010 Posts: 43
      I have just purchased and installed hold em manager 2 and for the foreseeable future I plan to play almost exclusively 9 handed sit n gos at the $3.50 to $7 range to start.

      I am just wondering if anyone is willing to give me some tips on what stats would be ideal for the HUD to display besides the default ones (or maybe I should replace those with others) and if I should adjust the settings in "HUD filters" where I can filter hands used for stats by number of players at the table as well as in the hand.
      (I.E should I keep the min always at 2 and make the max equal to the number of players left at the table?)

      I feel like this will give me an idea of how people play their hands as play progresses to the middle/late phases of the tournament but maybe I am misunderstanding something I am not 100% sure since this today is the first time I ever even looked at HEM.

      Any info would be appreciated
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    • Ramble
      Joined: 17.11.2008 Posts: 1,460
      Congratulations on your purchase.

      First thing is - if you've never used a HUD before then start with the bare minimum until you get used to it. I would say this is VPIP / PFR / Total Hands. You may want to add Total 3-Bet and # of BB to this. After you are comfortable with those stats, then you could consider slowly adding Steal Attempt stats from SB, CO, BTN, Fold to Steal stats, Fold to 3-Bet, C-Bet and Fold to C-Bet, Won at Showdown %, Post-Flop Aggression Factor, etc...

      As for filtering by # of players, I would begin by filtering with some overlap until you build up your database... so maybe something like 7-9 players, 5-7 players, 4-5 players, etc... that way when the table goes from 7 to 6 players your stats don't go blank... Once you build up a better database on the regs, you can get rid of the overlap.

      Hope this helps and good luck.