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MTT_ Those last few tables

    • Vicar888
      Joined: 07.11.2008 Posts: 3
      Posted this thread in the beginner area dn got no help, any suggestions here?.....

      not really a poker beginner but a beginner on poker strategy but anyway.....

      I've been playing MTT's a lot recently had a win in a 90person sit n goand 5th in another but on the whole I seem to struggle in bigger tournaments. Twice this week I've played in tourney's with 400+ players and got down to money and the style of play just seems to change with a lot less flops and a lot more powerful re-raising. I've seen this a lot say on the sunday million final table when all hands are revealed for instance. Its at this stage I have to admit I feel a bit lost and out of my depth (also because I recognise the names of the online pro's im up against ) and would only really know what to do with a preflop monster. Anyway on one a serial reraiser popped me again from the button and I made a stand and my AT was dominated and duly beaten, and on the other occasion a similar thing happened but yet I'd seen them showdown hands they'd reraised with and they would have A8s or even just junk.

      I know i'm being naive and can see what I've done wrong in those few instances but what should actually be my strategy for the last few tables to make it to the real money.
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    • cannell555
      Joined: 06.03.2008 Posts: 2,410
      Hi vicar888,

      There are less flops seen, due to the fact that people have less big blinds. People can't afford to see a flop with lesser hands, as there is no implied odds on offer. So people are having to play push or fold, especially after a raise.

      There is no clear strategy for this situation. You shouldn't be calling to see a flop alot of the time, you should decide if your ahead or behind and act accordingly.

      You should use ICM trainer and adapt the stats to different situations.

      Heres the ICM article -

      The EV and $EV is also a good section to read ;)

      Once you reach silver i'll move this thread to the MTT section, you should get more replies there.

    • davidangel
      Joined: 03.09.2008 Posts: 456
      I play some MTTs, in the lower limits, upto $5, mostly $1. Once I pop the bubble I adjust my play to reflect the projected BBs I will need to pop the next bubble. Often while outwaiting the bubble the stack can dwindle, so I either loosen up, say with less than 10BBs and maybe 2 tables to reach another bubble. At this point I use the SnG push charts, adjusting my ranges to suit the opponents. Some chum will only call in the BB with a really big ace or PP, so why not push 56s every SB? JTs, yup, give er bullets, same hands as far as I am concerned. What I am saying is look at your stack, the next bubble and the tokens on the board, then decide to shove or not. If I have a healthy stack I mostly wait for premium hands. I still play good starting hands, but only with a read on my opponent. I can also fold. I call it fold for gold. Sometimes I get close to another money bubble with say 16BB and I find a nice hand say TT. If I raise, get called, see bad flop with aggresive chum and fold. Now I tighten up and push premium hands, possibly going down to 4-5 BBs. When I get to 4BBs I have to decide if I want to fold out to try and get through. If I do that I often make it, but I don't get much further as it takes to many coin-flips in a row to stay in the game afterwards. There is no blanket answer to your dilemma, you will simply have to keep playing and keep asking questions. I agree with cannell555 in that you should not be limping, unless you have a big stack and a PP, then you can limp, but watch out for short stacks yet to act. Hope this helps. Maybe post some situations with the specifics and others will offer you some advice.
      Happy chum hunting