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      Hi guys
      New to this site, had a bit of s problem with my pokerstars account the last few days and was wondering if you would be so kind to lend a little advice..
      So here goes....
      Early yesterday morning I played in a tournament, came 3rd and won over $11,000US, after completing the tourninent I sent an email to pokerstars asking if there was any way I could do a 1 off transaction of the full amount as I was in a bit of trouble financially and would help me out a hole lot! To wich I got a reply asking what my association was with a certain member. The member was a friend of mine and explained we spend a lot of weekends at his house playing online poker with poker stars with a bunch of other friends.. We had done this on and off again for the past 2-3 years.
      Not knowing why pokerstars would ask me that, I approached my friend about it and he explained why they would of asked that.. About a year ago, another friend transfered 15 or $20 into the questioned account holder, forgetting that the night before he had done so, he wrote to poker stars complaining that $20 was stolen from his account, after tracing the account back to the my friend, pokerstars shut down my friends account and informed the other friend what happened. He told them the accused did not steal the money but he had just forgot? He wrote a letter but pokerstars wouldn't except and closed the account and banned him, he then tried to make another account and was found out shortly after and that was closed. I had no idea about any of this happening.
      This was all done on the same computer as the one I usually use to log in to my pokerstars account.
      So after explaining how I was associated with him, they asked me to send proof that I was who I said I was and something with my adress on it. Which I did straight away. They also said the account would be frozen from withdrawal and deposits and playing until I prooved who I was..
      After sending the forms I recieved an email saying they were going to close my account because they could not take the risk of this friend getting acess to my account??? And that I was banned.
      I have used that same computer for 3 years depositing to play at pokerstars and never really had a withdrawal I don't think. I just keep playing and playing till its gone, I don't think I have ever had anything over $500 in the account before, I am not a high stakes player... But after falling into some luck coming 3rd in a tournament with 1900 players, I had $11,500us wich works out to be closely $13500Aus. And that is a lot of money for me.
      I asked if I can still withdrawal my money and nobody has gotten back to me.
      I was receiving 1 email an hour from them when they were investigating and closing my account.. But haven't recoeved a reply about getting my money for 24 hours. I have written a few more during the day asking again, still nothing.

      That is a life changing amount of money for me.. I am scared I am going to loose it after doing nothing wrong??

      Has anyone experienced this type of thing before or anyone with some advice as I am a little lost and confused??

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      Hey Michael,

      Welcome to

      This is indeed an unfortunate situation (particularly for a fellow Aussie) but there is little we can do to help. Security departments are incorruptible and uninfluenced by external inquiries (Even our security department won't talk to us).

      The best advice I can offer is to keep pleading your case. Accept that you are now banned for life and just try to recover the money by challenging them to prove it wasn't won by cheating.

      If this doesn't work, you can write a letter to their regulator.

      I sincerely hope you get your money and if anyone here has experience with dealing with similar situations, I'm sure they will post better advice.


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      ... the only thing you can do is to keep pleading your case and explain you Will update your passwords, get security token so that friend could not anyhow logg into your account....possibly ask them if they can change your account name for security and like vorpal said you won that cash fair and square so they must give it to you even if they wont let you play there, but trust me you would be better of on any other pker site