When should I move up?

    • Andreyqo
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      Hi, its me again! :f_cool:

      About 10 days ago I wrote a topic ''How can I profit in Poker''. People suggested me the basic topics of PokerStrategy on NL, and I'm following it hardly, which is making me some profit (which I would like to discuss later). I also got Silver status, which mean I could finally watch W34z3l's walkthrough on crushing the microstakes, which I found VERY confusing, and too much for me, so I'm just sticking with the basics of PokerStrategy. I also just double up my first deposit in PS, thanks to your help :f_biggrin:

      Now my question is: I'm making 7.60bb/100h profit at NL2 (about 6k hands in Zoom and 6k in Regular Tables, choosing the best tables). Is it a good ammount of profit for low-limits, or I can get definetely get much better?

      This is important, because soon I will have a $100,00 bankroll, which means I can move up to NL5. However, I'm afraid to move up if I'm not doing my absolute best at NL2. What's the ideal bb/100h profit in NL2 to move safely to NL5?

      I hope you understood my question.

      PS: You suggested me to make a blog, and I did it! Link:
      Yes, my nick is Vaiifilhao
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    • Andreyqo
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      Help? :f_cool:
    • maythany
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      You should move up when you're confident in your game.
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      Moving up depends on a lot of factors in terms of your life, skill, bankroll, and personal goals.
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      Originally posted by maythany
      You should move up when you're confident in your game.
      maythany is correct, at same time many people will say that you should have a minimum number of hands to prove that you are a winning player long-term before moving up to the next stake. I'm not a cash game player so I don't know what a reasonable number of hands would be.

      Also, there is nothing wrong with taking a shot at a higher level if you have the bankroll for it AND are willing to move back down if you lose enough that you are no longer rolled for it.
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      I would definitely say move up when you feel confident in your ability and when your bankroll allows (you should have at least 25 buy ins but I would say at least 30 would be better for newer players. So for NL5 you will need $125-$150)
      Also the more hands you play the more accurate your bb/100 rate will be but I would look again when you have played at least 25k hands.
      Good luck :f_drink: :f_thumbsup: