PS 6 View Lobby - Problem

    • AndreiJuly
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      Hello guys. I'm having a problem with the View Lobby button in PS 6 . I am in a tourney, I press the button , i close it , reopen it after a few mins and it still shows me all the information from the first time i've opened it (time until break/addon/blind levels/ people remaining in the tourney/ basically everything). Then it can take from 2 up to 10 seconds until it refreshes to the current information. I encounter the same problem on 2 PC's . I mention that everything else works flawlessly (no lag at all in the client/actions etc.) . It doesn't seem like much but it can get very frustrating and disorientating while multitabling.
      Please tell me if you have the same problem. Also please mention if you're using PS 6 and you don't encounter this . Thank you!
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