There's been nearly 100 million hands played on Unibet Poker since the launch of their new client in March - and they're ready to celebrate this event with you!

Starting with the 95,000,000th hand played, a prize will be awarded every 100,000 hands until we reach hand number 105,000,000. Prizes will vary depending on the hand number.

All players dealt into a milestone hand win a cash prize which is individually multiplied, based on their average number of flops seen at the given stake during the last 60 minutes:

• The promotion is available on Cash Game tables only
• The higher stakes you play, the bigger your prize will be
• The more flops per table you’ve seen 1 hour before a Milestone hits, the bigger your prize will be
• The more tables you play, the better chance you have to hit a Milestone hand
• You can win up to €1M if you win the 100 millionth Milestone hand, depending on the hand combination you win with.
• Every player sitting in cash game tables when the 100 Millionth Hand hits will win a €5,000 Freeroll Ticket – the tournament will start on January 04 at 17:00 CET.

Unibet Poker's terms & conditions apply to this promotion and may be changed at any time.

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