Hey guys?

I'm starting this blog because i enjoy writing about the things i do, poker being one of them, and i've always kept many and many notebooks which are all like dailies but instead of writing what happened during the day they're usually filled with random ideas...And well, i felt like making the pokerish part of it public here at PS because i think this will help me with motivating myself.

:f_drink: :f_drink: :f_drink: personal info :f_drink: :f_drink: :f_drink:

- from Sao Paulo, Brazil.
- half Brazilian, half Japanese, lived in Japan for 5 years.
- hates mangas, loves karaokes.
- high-school drop out (last year, holy s***), owns a small sales business.
- 23 years old.
- Guitar player, Led Zeppelin lover, music student..
- I think that two things i value most in life are freedom and justice.
- If i cash big on poker and become wealthy, first thing i'll do is buy a new chair, a bigger screen, and coffee. (lol)
- now serious, i'll definetely travel to Europe, i just will get to know Europe eventually, cashing big or not.

The reality is, having my own small business (That takes care of itself, really..) allows me lots of free-time and because of the dollar-reais ratio, 5 BI's of NL50/month or even 3BI's of NL100 of profit added to my already existing profits would account for a lot since every dollar would be doubled into brazilian money and I believe i can reach that goal in not very long, i'd say 6 months to one year. So yeah, better than spend my time in something like World of Warcraft or SC2. (Awesome too but c'mon, $cash$ motherfucker!)

:f_cool: :f_cool: :f_cool: Poker Background :f_cool: :f_cool: :f_cool:

Five years ago i used to play and beat NL5 on PokerStars but i was so bad that i would mistake a draw for a made hand sometimes, chase almost every draw ignoring odds and shit, i'd have tilts that lasted for days, and well i just sucked :f_cool: . i think everybody else was so worse that even my noob gameplay could turn out a profit. And as far as i remember, the sample was around 150k hands of green line at NL2. 90k hands of green line over NL5. And 2 hands of profit over NL50 (A tilted shot that hit, i had the guy fold his hand with a pure bluff donk-bet from SB vs Button on a 3-bet pot pf, and the other one was a flip that holded but i can remember only the first one cuz was exciting as hell at the time), i played something around 20 hands and doubled my BR with only the 2 hands above.
I also played something about 20k-25k hands of NL10 in this European room and i remember being down for almost the entire run and being eaten by the regs in there. (By that time, it seems like i could only beat PS's Nl2 and Nl5)...
Came a time that my current job and girlfriend were taking too much of my time and i was getting frustrated and even more tilted for not being able to put the volume i wanted to. I ended up cashing out my whole BR and spending it with the girl in question. Lol.

And then you just decide to come back? Why?

Everything started when i was bored and decided to play some poker, but i wanted some level of competition so play-money pseudo-cash games wouldn't do it.
I then decided to look for some cash-awarding freeroll, expecting it to be a little bit more skilled game due to the money that's into play, i found one prized at 25$, downloaded the client, and well, ended up winning it in 1st place. Lol.
The field was really small, like 600 people or maybe even less? I didn't last more than 5 hours, definetely not.

Last hand A9 diamonds vs J-clubs 9-diamonds all-in pre-flop.

Cashed 5.40 USD.

And then i doubled it on cash games and i would keep on going if the traffic wasn't so low in that room. It is european my clock simply doesn't match theirs.... Sometimes is hard to find a single 6-max table full and all limits are equally empty.
But i still wanted to play so i decided to deposit 150 reais on FT which turned out to a decent BR for me to begin the NL2 grind..

Well, i don't really see a point in setting a money goal but let's see if we can make it to 100$ and in how many time. I have read in many places that even the lowest micro-stakes are now way more tought than it used to be 5 years ago, so, i'll just throw myself in there, play tight and try to go for the ones worst than me while i learn how the better ones are going on about it...
I'll do post graphics and hands, not really sure with what frequency, also random stuff i feel like writting about.... It could be a concept that i've learned and feel like sharing, insights, absolute truths too why not? (Lol). i really never had a blog ok?

Let the grind begin then...