Playing small Pairs advice help please

    • Rocco12
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      HI everyone im struggling to understand when i should be raising my medium pairs ie 55+ 8 8 the picture cards i have a decent idea nut with theses cards when do i raise or juts limp in i know table position dictates but 9 handed what is the cut of limit to say leave these pairs alone.

      I welcome all ideas and just love this game always learning so please suggest away
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    • Andreyqo
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      I play these hands according to the begginer strategy of PokerStrategy:

      Preflop: Call 20 in MP and in LP if someone raises. Raise if LP and everybody folded.

      Flop: Your goal here is to hit a set (three of kind) or full house, which are both monster hands almost unbeteable and often ''invisible'', so it often pays off with big pots.

      I ONLY play these for the set or full house, I don't even bother if these pockets are overpair or anything else, if I don't hit a set or full house I think I'm pretty much behind, so I just fold to agression. Of course, if you can see turn and river for free, it's cool.

      This is my way of playing, based on begginer strategy. I hope it helped.
    • JohnDiMilia
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      Don't like playing 22-44 UTG- middle, hard to play up front, and they get counterfeited too often, too many overcards. But after that 55+ Raise! esp. if you haven't in a while, and in position. Call a normal raise to hit a set, set hits- bet. always raise 88+ all positions, you can usually C bet after flop ( 1 high card,2 low) and take the pot, since other players only will hit the flop 32% of the time. If you don't raise there will be too many players in the hand, your odds of winning always rise with less players. You will win 81% of time with AA V. one player, every additional player deduct 10%.