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Spewy Spots

    • llAliMOell
      Joined: 26.12.2009 Posts: 12

      Calling this a blog seems a little optimistic. I just wanted a place to post some hands for peer review and a bit of fun if they are really spewy :)

      Anyway since it is in the blog section I will say that I am a 27 year old ex pat living in the north of Sweden. I got into poker watching late night poker :) it was a good few years before I would have the chance to play poker for real. Actually it was for play money at a Las Vegas themed party :) , but most of the people there played at a local home game 10/20p which I became a regular at. I guess my style has changed a bit over the years and with a slight increase in poker knowledge :) but I am definitely on the LAGy side of the spectrum and frequently cross over into the spewy side too. Although I am getting better at making good folds (as much as it pains me).

      Last winter I borrowed some money and built myself a little house on wheels (some people may have seen the tiny house movement things). It was a natural way for me to lower my outgoings to have more time for my own projects and to be able to take lower paying but more rewarding work. I also love the outdoors (not sure how well that fits a poker career) and the simple pleasures of a quite life (although I do like a good blow out now and then too:f_drink: )

      So with most of a long dark winter still ahead of me and plenty of free time I thought I would challenge myself to take the free $10 on Titan and try and build it up into a decent bankroll. I am mostly playing nl2 full ring and recently nl5 speed holdem (which seems pretty profitable although I am also on a nice little heater but I'll take that too ;)

      I have no great expectations but If i could get to a stage where I can make 10-20k per year from poker (part time) that would be pretty nice. I would also like to play more live poker in the future because ultimately the social experience has always been a big part of the fun of the game for me.

      I will post some graphs after some hand/money milestones for any interested.

      So far after 1.3k I am up $25.92($12.48 all in adj) for 53.03BB/100(34.67BB/100 all in adj) :f_p:

      Constructive criticism is always welcome in this 'blog'!!!

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    • llAliMOell
      Joined: 26.12.2009 Posts: 12
      And without further adieu:

      Spewy spot no1

      Known Players:
      MP2: €2.27 - 45 bb
      MP3: €6.37 - 127 bb
      CO: €0.47 - 9 bb
      BU: €5.84 - 117 bb
      SB: €6.21 - 124 bb
      BB: €10.03 - 201 bb

      0.02/0.05 No Limit Hold'em (6 Handed)
      Hand recorder for this hand: SideKick 2.1.11202.8

      Preflop: Hero is MP2 with A:club: , Q:heart:
      SB posts small blind (€0.02), BB posts big blind (€0.05), Hero raises for €0.15, 4 folds, BB calls

      Flop: (€0.32 - 6.40 bb) Q:club: , J:diamond: , T:diamond: (2 Players)
      BB checks, Hero bets €0.22, BB calls

      Turn: (€0.76 - 15.20 bb) 3:heart: (2 Players)
      BB checks, Hero bets €0.53, BB raises for €4, Hero calls, BB gets uncalled back (€2.10)

      River: (€4.56 - 91.20 bb) 6:heart: (2 Players)


      BTW this is Speed Holdem on Titan

      So, I am short stacked and the c/o is super short (I don't think I paid much attention to this at the time)
      AQ Raise pre flop is standard although its not exactly a fist pump call when c/o shoves I guess its standard (correct me if I am wrong)
      BB is unknown to me and I didn't check to see if he is multi tabling (which I will do in future) so can't really presume much from his defend apart from he has something he wants to defend with:f_biggrin: (a lot of high/mid suited connectors and pocket pairs some worse aces)
      So we flop top pair but the board is wetter than an otters pocket, so to speak
      We Cbet 3/4 for value but also protection. I don't like check/calling of course because our hand is very vulnerable but also we never know where we are in the hand and could end up getting our whole stack in on the river anyway since we are short.
      Turn is a blank we bet 3/4 for the same reason as on flop and he shoves and now I hate my life...
      I never put him on AK, QQ or KK, AA not sure if he flats jacks and tens but definately possible although I think he 'should' be raising his strong hands for protection on the flop. two pairs is also possible but I have a blocker to the QJ, QT and again I think he 'should 'raise those hands for value/protection on the flop. Which brings us to combo draws, of which there are plenty. I also feel like if I had one of those combo draws this is the way I would play it. I like to generate some fold equity to add to the equity I already have in the pot (and I like taking down pots without showdown :f_biggrin: )
      I don't think there is many if any pure bluffs in his range and I'm not sure how many pure flush or str8 draws there are either...

      So, I have over a third of my chips invested in the pot already, but this is a weak part in my game I am not so good with maths even with a lot of time and a calculator to hand :D let alone in a time pressure situation for my whole stack.

      I felt like I was somewhat pot committed and although I do think this turn shove is mostly for value on these limits I also thought I would do it with all of my combo draws too and although I am flipping with most of them I felt like a flip would be better than a fold given the amount I had invested in the pot and given that I think that a K on the river does always give me the nuts if I am already behind (not much consolation)

      I suspect in the long term this is a -EV call though (at this limit)

      Love to hear peoples thoughts

      ps. I hate when I let people realise their implied odds X(
    • VaskataBuci
      Joined: 08.08.2011 Posts: 2,441
      Since you are small stack I would rather exclude TT, JJ from his range also. I see him continuing with something like this ott - KJs+,QJs,9d8d,8d7d,7d6d,Ad5d,Ad4d,Ad3d,KJo+,QJo,JTo. You need to call 1.37 to win 3,19, so you get pot odds of 30%. Against this range you are good 53% of the cases. So I think we have the call here. Of course if you have some notes on him and have other assumptions for his range, obviously fold could be sought.
    • llAliMOell
      Joined: 26.12.2009 Posts: 12
      First off, thanks for taking the time to reply, I appreciate the input.

      While I don't have a read on the actual player (which of course would be great in this spot) my read on the game (I should have said that it is speed holdem on Titan) is that people in general are not getting too out of line and for the most part are just waiting to hit big and ship it with some exceptions of course.
      So while I think that its a pretty easy call in some other games/limits vs Unknowns It feels a little closer in this game... I don't love a fold either though it feels a little too weak. So I think your right, be interesting if anyone else has any other angles