When will you know you've beaten NLx

    • sokoi
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      Hey guys, just wondering what types of numbers will indicate whether you've beaten a level?

      Is it as easy to say when we have enough BR to play a higher level or do you play until you've reached a particular stat.

      I've seen a few peeps talk about BB/100's
      Also does bonus and/or rake back count as your success at that level?

      I've completed the Pocket Pairs mission with added a sweet $25 to my BR

      Anyhow, just throwing it out there love to hear your feedback.

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    • SDK1987
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      I’m not a No Limit expert, but I expect you get better feedback in No Limit section.
      That’s why I moved it to there.

    • niveaformen
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      Well, I would check WR of biggest winners on that limit and try to have at least 1/2 of that on some 6 digit sample.
      Also check EV WR to see if it's real.

      Or generally just when you feel you're ahead of other regulars and have enough bankroll.

      Or just if you have enough bankroll. :f_drink: