From newbie to professional......going to the top

    • VickyNo1
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      Hi everyone,

      My name is Victor, I am 25 years old and I am from Campina, a small town in Romania. I currently live in Bucharest where I have finished my studies in the economic field. My first contact with poker was in 2008 where I first took the 50$ starting capital from PokerStrategy. I played the short stack strategy and I blew my bankroll very fast. I am upset that I haven't continued back then because the games were so much easier.

      Still I consider that even today there is good money to be made from poker. I have a friend who won over 5k EUR from poker and he convinced me to give another shot. I started on 22 august this year with 37 EUR on a small european network. I read a book, watched some videos and I also watched my friend play. I haven't study too much. I also mention that I play cash 6 handed.

      The first three weeks, I struggled to win at Nl2 and on 12 september I had reached only 48 EUR. After this period I think I started to play better and in 2 weeks I had bankroll for NL5. I started NL5 with 140 EUR at the end of September and I stayed there until the middle of November when my bankroll was high enough to play NL10. With 313 EUR I gave my first shot at NL10, I lost a bit in the first few days, but after that I continued to play and I managed to continuously increase my bankroll.

      Now with rakeback included I have surpassed 600 EUR and I hope to be able to play NL25 soon. I also mention that I have never played with a HUD but I think it is time to start doing so. I recently bought my Holdem manager license and I also need to buy a hand converter.

      My goal on the medium term is to be able to beat NL100 by the end of 2015 and I hope that in 3 to 4 years to win at least 100.000 EUR. I do not want to stop at NL100 and hope to get to NL1k. I know that there will be a lot of work in order to achieve this but I believe that it is possible. At least the NL100 part is very doable. If do not want to stay too much at a limit. I want to climb the limits fast and I am willing to get coaching if I get stuck somewhere.

      Here is my graph at NL10 for the period 20 Nov to 7 Dec:

      After posting this graph, I realise that I need to play a lot more in order to win like I should and progress.
      I will also post in the next few days some graphs on longer periods. And I will also post hands from time to time.
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    • lokiah
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      Hey man. GL.. im restarting myself as well. Had no discipline what so ever before and trying it at the moment.
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      Hi Victor, welcome back sir!

      Well that's not a bad start is it, you seem to be getting along fine to me.

      As for the hand converter, why do you need one of those may I ask? Holdem Manager 2 has the option to post hands into forums included if that's what you meant.

      Here's how I do it.

      1. Go to reports
      2. Highlight the hand you want to post,
      3. Open the hand viewer - there is a picture of two aces on the left half way down the screen.
      4. Look to the bottom right, click the up&down arrows then choose the option you want. I have it to post on Pokerstrategy forums.
      5. Click the icon that looks like a page next to the arrows and just post into the forums.
      6. Job done like a boss!

      Note: You wont need to perform 4 next time as HM2 remembers the setting for you.

      There may be easier ways but I'm a fish with technology! :f_biggrin:

      If there's anything else just ask and I'll try hard!

      Best regards and have fun,

    • VickyNo1
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      Thx for support Lokiah and Gadget51.

      Interesting. I didn't know that. I generally use another websites convertor for this.

      Still you didn't understand me. HoldemManager 2 doesn't support the network where I play. So in order for me to be able to use Hud stats while playing and also to be able to import directly hands in Holdem, I need another software to use alongside Holdem Manager. Now I manually modify the hands in order for them to be imported. This is why I don't have all my Nl10 hands played imported in Holdem.