Play money vs. Real money

    • Calron
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      Hi everyone. I've been playing poker on the free tables for a few months now, however I never played with a strategy. I want to try out the ideas presented in the well written articles on the website, but where should I start?

      Is it appropriate to try these strategies with play money or do they only apply to the cash tables. I'm reluctant to play cash games right now as I'm not an experienced player.

      Any advice?
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    • slikec
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      Sure those strategies will work also on play money tables;) Actually even more but you'll see more suck outs to ;)
      Anyway is really easy to gather chips with those strategies on play money tables :D
    • cannell555
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      Hi Calron,

      Welcome to PokerStrategy!

      The play chip tables are only good for 3 things:

      1: Configuring a HUD
      2: Learning the absolute basics, (I mean the really basic stuff)
      3: Letting off steam, when extremely wound up

      You wont learn much from playing for play chips. When you loose you shrug it off and reload. Also the strategy's are pretty useless on these tables, as people play pretty much any 2 cards.

      If you start playing the micro cash tables, you will want to learn from your mistakes. Therefore you will learn a hell of alot faster. When you start playing the cash tables, you have no experiance whatsoever. As you've never played real poker before. Knowone gets experiance with the play chips.

      My advise would be;

      to start using the given strategy's on the lowest limits, using good bankroll management.
      watch the videos
      visit coachings
      Review your every session
      Post hands on the sample hands forums

      Best regards,
    • stantos
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      Truthfully from my experience, play money does not help at all.

      My advice, pass the quiz and get playing SSS, this will help you much more than playing play money.

      This site has all you need to get the playing time and skill. The only thing you have to decide is how far you want to take it, and how seriously.

      Good Luck
    • delete461
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      Playing with play money is like a training session in almost any sport - you can hone your basic skills to a certain extent, but its not the real thing. When gametime comes and you suddenly find yourself up against opponents who are determined to beat you it is totally different.
    • TheBrood
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      I played years of playchips before finding PS and playing cash. I think it helped me a lot. I fully recommend it before diving into an ocean full of sharks.

      However, bear in mind that micro limit playchips is a minefield and you will not learn poker there. Apply the PS strats and work up through the levels. Each level will provide new challenges and make you a better player. When you get to the high playchip limits its like playing cash table micro limits but without risking the money.

      For example NL Fulltiltpoker is a good place to learn poker IMO
      5/10 : crapshoot, minefield, worst players here go allin with ATC(any 2 cards) Just shove TT+, AJ+ and you will advance to next level real fast.
      25/50 : Same as 5/10

      100/200 : People start using their brain here but just play PS strat and win. You can shove JJ+, AQ+, they will call with much worse.
      300/600 : Apply PS strat and you will advance.

      1000/2000 : My current level. It compares to 0.01/0.02 or 0.02/0.04 real money in strength. If you are a winning player here you are ready for 0.01/0.02 IMO.
      3000/6000 : My goal. Probably compares to 0.02/0.04 or 0.05/0.10
      10K/20K : Seems far away atm.
      25K/50K : Seems far, far away atm.
      50K/100K : Very good players letting of steam?

      When you begin to recognize what you did wrong in a hand, fix those leaks and when you get the experience to know what to do in most situations THEN I think you will be ready for real money.

      Hope this helps you and many more ppl reading this =)