My position stats. 4k hands SH

    • Dragar
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      I know this is a small sample size.. but I think I have some leaks.
      I think I don't play with enough hands... and something is seriously wrong with my BB... any tips on how to play from that posistion? My loss is huge.

      If you add that all up... I am break even... after 4k hands, hence I defiantly must be doing something wrong.
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    • TribunCaesar
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      Ok, I will give you my view:

      1. You play a lot from SB. Make sure you don't complete too much trash and that you don't open too much as a steal from SB. You have to play the whole hand OOP. You can open a little bit more from CO due to the good position you will have postflop. The loss in the BB is normal, because you have to pay he blind. 4k hands is no samplesize therefore you could have had a setup as you played a hand from BB, hence you lost the money. I'd say play more, watch the videos, listen to the coaches and have a look at your stats after 20k hands again.

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