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I need to know

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    • VorpalF2F
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      Hi, anti0804,
      To open any business anywhere, you will need all the appropriate licenses and permits.

      Only a lawyer familiar with the jurisdiction will be able to answer your question.

      But you will need more than a lawyer and a few permits.

      The other clubs will likely have the right to oppose your application. To combat these you will need market research to show how and why your club will benefit the area. It helps to have the local politicians on your side. For this you need lobbyists -er- publicists .

      I once wanted to open a business giving private tours to visitors to Vancouver. The bank told me that the minimum starting capital would be $2.5 million -- of which 10% had to be mine, 40% from other private investors, and they would be happy to lend me the rest.

      Other costs I had not considered:
      :diamond:   Insurance -- vehicle for hire insurance is 4 to 5x what private vehicle insurance is.
      :diamond:   Accounting fees (I was going to do it myself, but I could not if I wanted a loan)
      :diamond:   On-going legal fees -- $100K to start, about 10% that per year ongoing
      :diamond:   Marketing

      So I'm guessing you'd be in the same boat, with security, premises costs, wages and benefits added in.

      Now that I've gone all negative on ya' time to get started:
      Give the London town council licensing department a visit --what you need is probably on line -- and ask them.

      They would be more likely to know than the average PokerStrategist.

      If any members actually work for London's licensing bureau, let us know...

      Best of luck,