HUD, show how many tables a player plays.

    • danwan
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      Is it possible to make the HUD to show how many tables a player plays?
      In pokertracker or Holdem manager?
      Or is it any other way to easily see how many tables a player plays?
      Without using the find player search function in Pokerstars?
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    • abhi147
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      I dont think this is possible via PT or HEM.

      There are some softwares that allow you to see how many tables you yourself are playing, I dont know which ones though.

      As far as showing how many tables your opponenents are playing, I dont think ive ever heard of any software doing this.
      I could be wrong though.

      Find a player is your best option i think.
    • D0nkshove
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      This option is not available on HEM or PT. Players don't hide themselves on the search feature without a reason
    • fruzia
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      Of course this is possible with HM2 but you need also Table Scan Turbo or Table Scanner. You can add additional "stat" to HUD - TST Stats.TST Tables or TableScanner.Multitabling according which program you use. (sorry for my broken English ;) )