PokerTracker 4 CNET adjusted vs HRC ICM based decisions?

    • ropecore
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      Hello, I have recently started playing 1.50$ 6 max hyper turbo SNG tournaments (900 tournaments so far) and I am playing them really badly.

      How I play is usually play 3 max during my "study" sessions. In this games I will mark any hand that I think deserves attention or where I did not know whether to fold/call/shove and then run that hand through holdemresources calculator. If I have any reads on players I will change the ranges that HRC provides otherwise I will just go with nash ranges that it provides and base my decisions on those. So far the main problem that I am having is not calling wide enough when I am big stack and pushing hard enough (although this are small +). I almost never have an error saying I am calling to much.

      But CNET adjusted is telling me the opposite. In 900 tournaments I am 30$ ahead with CNET won and -40$ with CNET adjusted. This means that I should be losing heavily and I have to improve my playstyle but I simply have no idea. It seems to me that I am going all in to much when I am at a disadvantage. An example: Three players left all with 1000 stacks and blinds are 75/150/15. Button folds and and I am SB with ATo. Now in this situation HRC gives Nash range of around 80% push, so I push based on this. BB open QQ and I just made a mistake by CNET adjusted standards and my EV drops.

      I tried playing more passive but this usually just leads to me getting starved since having no hands. I simply have no idea how to play profitably based on CNET adjusted standards.

      Also is taking coin flips good idea or will you lose eventually? For example if I take coin flip early I do gain double increase in equity but I entire equity so CNET adjusted would make me lose?

      TL:D R; CNET adjusted is telling me I am playing badly and going All-in with weaker hands to often while HRC is telling me I am playing too passive and I just be shoving/calling harder and I don't know what to listen.
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    • kurrkabin
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      Hi there! It's very good you are asking yourself solid questions at this early path of your career. Now, to get down with the answers:

      -900 games is not a big sample, don't put too much emphasis on it. Yes-if you ship AT and he snaps with QQ, your EV drops despite the fact you made the right push. So what? We go back to the 900 games sample. It is not a sample, so that is why you should do what's right, play a solid game and things will even up eventually. Your game plan of marking hands and evaluating them in HR sounds good and I strongly advice you continue doing this
      - Also-you can post hands in our forums, which will bring very good benefits to your game
      -Take spots that are only plus EV, not chip EV, but $EV. Coinflip early is not a good example. You double up your chips, but you don't double up your tourny equity. So keep that in mind. Use HoldemResources or ICMizer to find how to play push/fold in different spots.
      -Don't become obsessed with HUD numbers. Trying to find your leaks using pokertracker/holdem manager can be helpful, but it can also lead you to huge confusion when you don't know how to read them properly. Such as the confusion you have now.

      Take your time, be patient, post hands, watch videos, study ICM and you will be fine!