Hello everyone.

Since i started to develop my post flop game and playing with notes i've done from bss you have a initiative, i have been wondering how is my post flop betting size in different situations.

So i learned the article and done notes witch i use to make desicions on post flop. The rules i use to determine betting size on post flop are follows:

1/2 pot bet: when fasing one opponent and(/\) board is drawless

2/3 pot bet: when fasing multiple opponents or(\/) board is drafty.

1 pot bet: when fasing multi opponents and(/\) board is drafty

What do you think about these rules of betting? At least it's easy to remember and determine.
The other questions are when you are rising on post flop and different kinds of bet.

So when i want to raise, do i look at the bot size then. For instance, pot is 10€ and opponents bets 5€, sum is then 15€. Lets say its only one opponent at a drafty board so do i bet 10€? Or do i use equation: 3x villain raise + pot size. So in the same situation the raise would be: 3*5€ + 10€. Witch way do i raise?

One more about the size of different kinds of bet. Is there a differense if i bet same way in a bluff, value and dead monay(protection and intel) betting situantions? At the same situation of the example, do i bet using my logic(1/2, 2/3, 1 pot) at bluff, value and protection situation?