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    • FeedingTime
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      Hello people,,

      I got hm2 pro but played some pt4 at a friend lately. And i noticed i do like the pop up menu allot more.

      i have been trying to customize it more to my liking the last few hours but can't really get it like i want it. I was wondering if anybody got something that looks a bit more like the pt4 one or another good custome pop up menu which i can use as basis??

      Yours sincerely,
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    • VorpalF2F
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      Hi, FeedingTime,
      Can you post a screenshot of what you are trying to achieve?
      Maybe post what you have so far, too.

      A couple of hints:
      :diamond:   Save your existing popups. They are in %appdata%\holdemmanager\config and are the files ending in .pop
      :diamond:   Don't modify the popups that come with HM2. Copy them and mod the copies. I'm pretty sure that if you mod the originals they will get overwritten any time there is a major update.
      :diamond:   In each popup, put the name of the popup somewhere -- I use the bottom line, 2nd cell from the right.
      :diamond:   One thing I wish I had done, but didn't: Somewhere on the popup put the name of the HUD config on which you used it.