Staked player going on rampage maybe ?

    • Scriminti
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      Hey guys, I'm opening this blog to discuss the most interesting hands I come across, I'm a staked player at the limit NL25 and I've been playing poker for about 5 years. I know all the ins and outs of poker math basically and I play decently well, want to improve and go up in limits. I want your opinions on hands I will post and also if you like I'll post the biggest coollers, either for me or for villains.
      I have a history with poker, I like it very much and have over 500 posts on 2p2, also had a pokerstrategy blog on .ro but I think it's time to move my game up and make it English, for a bigger community.

      This is half of my lifetime graph(other half is on stars and unavailable to me right now)

      I hope you'll enjoy my blog and my ideas and hand analysis, and all contradictions regarding hands discussed containing real arguments are very, very welcome.
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