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    • LemOn36
      Joined: 07.02.2009 Posts: 1,957
      What's up men and women.

      Anyone can do a new year's resolution. To end the year with a bang, and to start off 2015 with a huge confidence boost. I will be doing the following, THIS YEAR:

      1) No booze. Yeah no alcohol whatsoever. I will go out with friends, I will spend time with haters (AKA family). But I will not touch a drop of alcohol in the process.

      2) Excercise Session 7x per week - A session means at least an hour of excercise. Gym, Jogging, Home workout, Street workout, Floorball - everything counts. I am allowed to do 2 phase per day, swap e.g. morning cardio evening gym to allow for rest days.

      3) 6hours of poker per day on average - self explanatory. Today included my target is 120 hours of poker between now and december 31st 12:00

      bonus: no dirty movies :)

      If I manage this, 2015 resolutions will actually have a substance behind them, as I will know I have the discipline to do anything.

      NO nutrition goals because Christmas. But I will eat healthy pretty much porridge breakfasts, BCAAs, eggs, tuna, vegetables. will eat some pasta and rice for cheap carbs. I am allowed caffeine during this time.

      I will post a before pic later today

      Thoughts? Any action on this? I'd give you 1:1 on a small amount just to keep it fun.
      I have a cold now, lasting some 3 months so it'll make it a proper tough challenge
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    • MasochisticDesire
      Joined: 25.10.2010 Posts: 487
      Not dissimilar to my own goals for the NY.
      Where you at, son!? Fall at the first hurdle drinking Stella, enjoying dirty movies and calling it exercise or did you just get board of posting in S&C?


      ps - enjoyed the first pokercast.