Can't bluff NL2 and NL5

    • Andreyqo
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      Yesterday I passed the entire day studying bluffing strategies for TAG play. It just didn't work most of the time, no matter my bluff! Here's why:

      -Fishes will call no matter what. I didn't even trying bluffing those, because I know it's just a waste of money. And there are LOTS of fishes, which you only win by value-betting and winning showdowns.

      -Nits will fit-or-fold, so they will usually fold flop unless they have stuff. Also, since they play very few hands, they get married to them: they ignore the double boards, flush and str8 boards. They won't give up top pair, so it's also useless to bluff.

      -LAGs: I found that these guys fold a lot to a good bluff. Not a top pair bluff, a really good one. Calling and re-raising their agression even with air is effective because they are scared they are dominated. The problem is: there are very few good LAGs at NL2 and NL5 which are going to fold easier.

      I AM a winning Tight player at NL2, but playing a very straightforward approach. I am very predictable, but that doesn't even matter because opponents are not even looking at their opponents. I really wish to improve my ''red line'', but I'm just not getting it done.

      What should I do now? Keep trying to improve red line in micro limits or just beat these limits with the standard play to learn a more agressive play at NL10 when I have the bankroll?
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    • Crimson
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      Hey Andreyqo,

      I think you shouldn't be changing something that works.

      In my opinion, if you're a winning player at NL2, you should stick with this strategy you have now and beat NL2 as fast as you can. Then you should play the same way at NL5. If you'll be still winning at this limit - great. If not - then it will be the time to adjust and change your strategy in some way.

      Kind regards,
    • MasochisticDesire
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      Hi Andreyqo,

      I am also currently playing those limits. Discounting Cbetting and check-raising draws etc, it is not necessary to bluff at NL2/NL5 in order to be a winning player imo (as you have already suggested.) I would not even bother making a bluffing strategy or get overly concerned with your red line as I think it likely to damage your win rate - just crush the level with your SD winnings. Cbetting, playing your draws aggressively and 3betting a TPGK range vs weak opponents pre will be enough to ensure your red line doesn't fall too dramatically.

      Yesterday I passed the entire day studying bluffing strategies for TAG play. It just didn't work most of the time, no matter my bluff!
      Such strategies are dependent on your opponents recognizing that you are playing a TAG style and thereby giving you credit when raising. The vast majority of NL2&5 players will not be making such considerations and so you do not have an image that adds credibility to your bluffs - no 'image' at all. Incidentally, this is one of the reasons that I believe it more profitable to play LAG at these low limits.

    • maythany
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      Don't bluff at the micros. I've learned the hard way!

      Semi-bluffing is a different story though, and c-betting too.