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GTO Push or Fold Chart applicable [6max]

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    • ghaleon
      Joined: 17.10.2007 Posts: 5,976
      MTT push charts are not good to use for any stt games as in chart you linked shove ranges are with no ICM concerns. So it assumes you are playing to win just chips. Or that what I would assume.

      If you want to create chart you should basically look through lot of spots with some tool like ICMizer or holdemresource calculator and first study what you can shove from different positions with e.g. 10bb effective stacks. Once you have some reference spots like that you can then alter your ranges when you have bit different stacks.

      PS: I assume you talked of 6max STT games as you have posten in SNG area.
    • senza1
      Joined: 08.11.2014 Posts: 31
      Hey ghaleon,

      Yes I mean 6max Hypers. Oh really? Someone told me those Charts are based on ICM. Depending on your position and your bb aswell opponents bb. Which is for that chart same as yours.

      So pushing 9% with 10bb from UTG FR MTTSnG seem reasonable according to ICM I think. I have a HRC trial.

      Are you playing 6max hypers? I am gonna calc some hands as you said

      Do you know yourself some charts especially for 6max hypers which advise what to push from SB, BTN etc. with certain stacksizes? (I know it depends on the eff stack and if hes loose or not. (and as you said its not about ChipEV but what position we finish etc.) But just taken from the assumption opponent would call perfectly against the range I can shove +EV. That can't be wrong to know :)

      Thank you very much so far!
    • ghaleon
      Joined: 17.10.2007 Posts: 5,976
      I have never used any charts outside HU nash equilibrium one for HU situations. If those charts are for MTT I think they are likely to be with more top heavy price distribution than 6max stt are. Though when I checked those they seem more of cEV to me.

      Have rarely played hypers. More of turbo and normal speed player. High/mid stake hypers are pretty dead currently anyway AFAIK. Dead meaning extremely low amount of recreational players.

      My advice is to study, play, mark hands, study more and repeat. Also good to notice that with more than 10bb stack there is often more optimal ways to play than just shove/fold based strategy.