2-7 TD $0.25-$0.50 Limit - 9 7 6 4 3

    • adasko99
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      Hello :)

      I'm VERY new to this game and would appreciate some opinions on this hand :)

      Is this a predraw fold? Having a 6 supposed to be bad , but is it still bad if I can discard it? :)

      Did I missplay later draws? :)

      replay is a bit dodgy so after 1st draw my hand is:
      :8c: :7c: :4h: :3c: :2d:

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    • badgerer
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      for me its a pre-draw fold. its an unbreakable 9 by which i mean you have no solid draw to break to. as it happens drawing the 9 and 6 is probably the right decision but perhaps another option would be to 3b pre pat all the way and check back the river. but thats not something i would recommend making a habit of especially on this limit.

      when you make an 87 after first you absolutely must raise. you have the best hand nearly always but its vulnerable in a multi way pot, try to fold out the other two. dont be a passive triple draw player! even if villain 6 pats i still pat behind unless i have some information about them. 2 to pat ranges aren't usually as strong as 1 to pat ranges.

      2nd draw i would consider breaking it because its multiway now and 87 isnt looking so strong anymore. because your hand is so under repped i might actually raise which would look very strong and then if i got played back at draw to the nuts.

      3rd draw is a bit tougher, bb looks weak, villain 6 might be value betting worse because you look weak. i think you did the right thing but its a close decision and neither option is terrible.

      btw you seem a bit preoccupied by the 6 in your hand pre, what you should be more concerned about is the lack of a 2.