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Hand posts limit

    • MancaMulas
      Joined: 12.03.2009 Posts: 4,494
      I've bought silver status to (not only) be able to post hands in the "Up to NL10" hand evaluation foruns. I had a big surprise when, after posting 5 hands, I got a message saying that my status allows me to only post 5 hands per MONTH.

      Are you serious? 5 hands? Per month?

      I understand that you want to avoid situations like the same user posting 20 hands the same day. But only 5 per month?

      Why not, for example, 5 hands per week, or 2 per day? Or maybe, after reaching a daily/weekly limit of hand posting, the user has to evaluate some (not just post something like "nh" or "you played fine") other users' hands to be able to post more hands?
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    • NutzAreOk
      Joined: 28.01.2011 Posts: 7,409
      Hi MancaMulas!

      Thank you for the suggestion. It`s always good to have feedback. :f_thumbsup: We will discuss about this.
    • mbml
      Joined: 27.11.2008 Posts: 20,779
      hi manca,

      I'm one of the freelancing hand judges. I posted a lot back in 2013 and believe me, PS paid me a lot of money to do so (>10k posts in 2013). I had no say in the decision to change the old system but I think it makes perfect sense to me. Basically PS decided that it was not financially viable to continue with the old system.

      Silver is $10/month right? This is the amount of money that it costs PS to pay one of the judges to evaluate 5 hands. Ultimately PS is a profit-driven business and it should be clear by now that this is not profitable at all.

      To be honest I don't know why more people weren't using the hand evaluation services (because they were just super insanely good value for money, even if you were buying a subscription to the silver or gold statuses). It was like free private coaching at a dirt cheap price

      PS is looking towards diverting its resources towards benefiting the maximum number of people (hand history highlights or videos) as opposed to hand evaluations, where the number of people who benefit from such services will be maximized. Most hand evaluation threads only had 1 main person benefiting (the poster) and maybe a few other guys who read other people's threads. Assuming that Pokerstrategy only has X$ to spend on improving its curriculum and education offerings, I think their decision is very logical and reasonable.