Don't trust PKR support

    • Head1Shot
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      I'am writing to you, because i want to alert you to don't trust Pkr support. Because i have wrote to support assistant about first deposit, and if i could get bonus CHIPSET, she said yes of course i need just to deposit and she will add it later. I trust her and deposited my money. Some days later I got an email that i can't have this bonus. I wrote again to support team and they said that it was Pkr support fault and how a reward i could get only 2x50$ freeroll tickets, and if you know the Pkr travel chipset worth over 177000 Pkr points. I'm adding some photos to prove my words.
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    • iSoOwnYou
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      I think this is pretty bad on the part of PKR here, I would post it in the PKR forum and see what they say if anything maybe under the feedback section?

      I was impressed with PKR support but from reading your transcripts not as impressed anymore, in fact it think pkr are downright liable here, they can't tell you if you deposit you will get something, then retract it when you deposit.
    • HNRoger
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      Chit happens, PKR is still one of the more trustable sites out there
    • kavboj84
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      Their software is awful, they charge withdrawals below 100$, and in top of that they don't keep their promises. Thanks God I don't play here.
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      I have never had a problem with PKR support and have had an account there for a few years now. Having said that
      1-The travel chip set is a piece of crap. The chips are button sized and it isn't worth the money it takes to ship it let alone make it so you are not missing out on anything. Send me the shipping charges and I will send you mine.
      2-If PKR charges for cash outs under $100 then only cash out over $100. Easy Pezy.
      3-The software is good but the traffic is small in off hours. I live in Canada so for me anytime I log on it is their off hours.
      Good Luck
      P.S. The way they do their loyalty points 177,000 is nothing.
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      Thanks for info. I choose another room .