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HUD: coloring stats for 6max cash

    • ForSjovt
      Joined: 01.12.2014 Posts: 1
      Hi guys,

      Basically I want to color code my HUD. Below I have given my HUD, and I hope you guys will give suggestions on how to range the stats. This is also done by e.g. and a bunch of similar sites, but I cannot find the raning of the stats that they use. I am going for simplicity in order to avoid overusing the HUD. Therefore I prefer raning into 3 colors: high, medium, low or agg, med, or tight.



      VPIP, PFR, WTSD, AFq


      3-bet, fold to 3-bet, 4-bet range, fold to 4-bet.

      Steal, fold to steal.

      In BB: Fold vs. CO steal, BTN steal, SB steal. In SB: fold vs. CO steal, fold vs. BTN steal.


      C-bet Flop, turn, river. Fold to c-bet flop, turn, river. AFq flop, turn, river. Probe turn, Float bet flop.

      If you can help then please suggest ranges the stats as for example: VPIP: 0-19, 19-29, 29-99 or just two number like VPIP: 19-29 will suffice to do the ranging into 3 categories.

      If people can help me do this, then when I am done, I will upload the pt4 HUD and provide a link where anyone can download this PT4 color coded HUD.

      If you cannot help on this, then maybe you know where to get the needed information to do this task? Thanks guys :f_cool:
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    • peddy53
      Joined: 21.11.2009 Posts: 105
      Hi this is taken from cardschat, not mine but might give a way to start, you can as well choose other colours.
      Think of ranges as well if you see it is too tight, adjust.
      I personally use weasel's hud when I play zoom.

      VPIP ranges
      Red < 9
      Pink< 18
      Yellow< 27
      L.Blue< 36
      Green< inf

      G< 6
      L.B< 15
      Y< 23
      P< 31
      R< inf

      G< 1
      L.B< 2
      Y< 3
      P< 4
      R< inf

      R< 50
      P< 125
      y< 250
      L.B< 500
      G< inf

      L.B< 45
      Y< 55
      P< 65
      R< 75

      Fold to C bet
      R< 50
      P< 60
      Y< 70
      L.B< 80
      G< inf

      Turn C bet
      G< 45
      L.B< 55
      Y< 65
      P< 75
      R< inf

      Fold to Turn C bet
      R< 18
      P< 24
      Y< 30
      L.B< 36
      G< inf

      G< 2
      L.B< 4
      Y< 6
      P< 8
      R< inf

      Fold 3bet
      R< 20
      P< 30
      Y< 40
      L.B< 50
      G< inf

      R< 10
      P< 20
      Y< 30
      L.B< 40
      G< inf

      Fold BB to steal
      R< 60
      P< 70
      Y< 80
      L.B< 90
      G< inf

      R< 13
      P< 20
      Y< 28
      L.B< 35
      G< inf

      G< 40
      L.B< 50
      Y< 60
      P< 70
      R< 80

      Abb Name is for stack sized the name is the specific color
      R< 20
      P< 40
      Y< 60
      L.B< 80
      G< inf

    • Ramble
      Joined: 17.11.2008 Posts: 1,460
      Depending on how many hands you have in your database, I would suggest you look at players that you consider successful and see what ranges they are playing. Build your ranges around these to start and adjust as necessary. The advantage to this approach is that you aren't relying on advice about ranges that are outdated or for the wrong buy-ins, and you can constantly update your ranges over time as you gather more and more hands. It also may highlight areas where your ranges are way off and give you areas to further work on your own game.

      There are also some articles on different ranges for 6-max Cash for each position here:

      Hope this helps.