Think twice before playing on partypoker. Pure rediculous customer service.

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      Hello guys,

      I would just want to tell about a little situation that I am finding myself in at the moment. So here is some important background info before I proceed to the story.

      When I was underaged, I made an account on partypoker. When I understood just about how serious of a violation it was to do this, I emailed partypoker, confessed and appologized, and had my account closed. I should note that everything on this account was legit info (Full name, adress etc.) except the date of birth. On this underaged account, I had deposited (and also lost) the full amount of 1726 USD.

      So when I turned 18, I made a new account on partypoker because I wanted to pursue poker legally.
      When I was making this new account, I made sure to confirm my account by sending in pictures of my passport to them - BEFORE depositing anything. This was so they would be able to confirm that there were no problems for me to play on the site. On this second, legal account, I deposited about 100 USD total, and had 50 USD left on the account.

      So heres the situation:
      I was going to log into my partypoker account one day when I got the message "Account has been closed. Contact partypoker for more information." So I contacted the support, and they told me my account is under investigation. Of course, I ask them what they are investigating exactly, and the support tells me he doesn't have that information.

      I then asked if he can connect me to someone who has these answers, and he tells me the "credits department doesn't have a phone service. They are only contacted through us, and then we forward their messages to you". I was furious after hearing this because I basically had my account closed, didn't know the reason behind it, and they wouldn't provide a timeframe of when the investigation will be completed.

      So after complaining and speaking to him for over an hour, and I was told that my account has permanently been closed under the reason that I have two accounts under my name (which I don't actually have). I understood that I cannot do anything more than accept this, so I decided to request a refund for the amount I had lost as underaged + the amount that was left on my legal account (Acording to Swedish law, purchases made as a minor should be refunded if the guardians make the request, which they did). My second reason for getting the refund was that I actually confirmed the account before the deposits were made, and no one told me that I had any other account under this name. They gave me a green light to play.

      To this, they answer that they will have their investigation team work on this and get back to me within 72 hours with an answer.

      72 hours pass, and I call, they told me that they are sorry for the inconvenience but this matter is going to take another 24 hours to resolve.

      I wait 24 hours and call back, they still apologize and say its going to take another 48 hours.

      I waited 48 hours, and they tell me they are sorry, and that it will take 24 hours. They also add (We can guarantee an answer by the end of this 24 hours. We are aware of that we already passed 3 deadlines).

      I wait 24 hours and call, and the incompetent fuck tells me that he apologizes and that this will take even more time. "I will not provide you with another timeframe since we have already given you 3 deadlines and we have not been able to keep them". I find this very unprofessional. This is a big multi-million dollar business that can't even keep their deadlines. He proceeds to tell me "This can take a long time. This can take weeks or even months. So don't contact us about this anymore, we will contact you."

      I ask them why it is taking such long time, and he tells me he cannot answer that since he does not have that information.

      I find this absolutley fucking rediculous. Their support doesn't have any information at all. The company is a big joke if they cannot even provide a phone number, email adress, or any way at all to contact the credits department.

      Anyone had the same experience with Party?..
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    • samkashmir
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      Thought I should update you all on this issue.

      I have still not gotten any answers. Partypoker keeps postponing the matter and asks me to give them "a bit more time". That is the only answer I have gotten from them since 1,5 weeks ago. I feel they are trying to sweep this refund under the matt somehow. A bit more time could be years/months for all I know.

      To sum up;
      - They have provided deadlines which they we're intending to keep
      - No time frame is given of when I will have an answer about the refund.
      - They have a department which takes care of all the refunds. Apparently, this said "department" doesn't have a phone, nor an email adress for the customers to contact. They have to contact a different department which doesn't answer any questions because they simply "don't have that information" I call bullshit but who knows..

      I called these motherfckers and asked what is going on with my refund? What is the current status on the refund? How far have they come within the investigation? What specific problem is there with the refund, that is resulting in such delay? I was demanding answers. Still, the incompetent fucks tell me "We cannot give you any other information. Please allow us more time and we will contact you when we have the information." FUCKING REDICULOUS. FUCK YOU PARTYPOKER.
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      you shouldn't get a refund for losses you incurred when you were a minor. You accepted their terms of service and knowingly broke them. Stop trying to defraud companies out of money and do things the right way and next time you won't have this problem.
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      Originally posted by magicadil
      you shouldn't get a refund for losses you incurred when you were a minor. You accepted their terms of service and knowingly broke them. Stop trying to defraud companies out of money and do things the right way and next time you won't have this problem.
      despite that he broke age restrictions he is still liable for the money he had on the account and no organization has the rights to keep it for themselves.
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      Originally posted by magicadil
      you shouldn't get a refund for losses you incurred when you were a minor. You accepted their terms of service and knowingly broke them. Stop trying to defraud companies out of money and do things the right way and next time you won't have this problem.
      I understand where you are coming from Magicadil, and I knew someone would be saying something along those lines when I was writing this post. However I must mention that I am not trying to cover up the wrongs I did, I know its my own fault for playing there. This is a matter of principles, telling me the case is on highest priority, and not giving me any information about the investigation, and postponing everything. The way they are handling this situation is absurd and proves just about how corrupt the company is. Bottom line is, They are liers, they do not respect their customers, and the support team is clearly incompetent.

      Also, what makes me right to demand the money back is that I confirmed my account before I made any other deposits, they told me that they confirmed the account and that I can now play. They THEN closed the account after a few deposits and some wins. And as for the minor account, the money I deposited with came from my parents credit card (I deposited through paysafecards which were bought with their credit cards). Since I had registered myself with all legit information except the date of birth, they could've easily looked up if the info matched my date of birth; especially when someone is depositing such a significant sum of money.
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      lol @ asking for a refund when you knowingly played underaged. Swedish law does not apply at Partypoker because their HQ is in Gibraltar or malta. So just don't get your hopes up.

      I think Party is in the wrong by closing your account, because eventually you confessed.
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      Suck it up, Sam. Life's too short. Partypoker is a shite site anyways, I binned em ages ago, be glad u only lost $100 to the thieving @r@£s............ Plenty of other sites eh? Maybe no better unfortunately!
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      Hello all. Just a quick update on this case.

      I am glad to announce that partypoker finally replied to me about the refund. After many emails and phone-calls back and forth (I had to probably call them about 40-50 times total during this month), they decided to actually refund me. The refund amount was for 1726 USD.

      Even though they decided to refund me, I hate the fact that they basically were playing me for about two whole months, sending me back and forth between departments and postponing/holding back answers. I guess with these types of corrupt thieve companies, you have to ride their asses until they understand that you are serious and won't forget the injustice that was served by them.

      I can guarantee you all that if I hadn't called them 40-50 times checking upon the status of the refund, they would have swept it under the matt and forgotten about it. Fucking bullshitters.

      Anyhow, their bullshit hasn't stopped yet. I was told that they have confirmed that they WILL pay me back, when I called them a week ago. So I guess its only 2-4 business days for the money to reach my account, right? Of course not, its never that easy with partypoker.
      They told me they have to first "create a manual cashout". Cool, so get on with it then you fuckers? Of course not, partypoker never does things instantly unless it doesn't favour them in some way. So they told me that the department that creates manual cashouts have a fucking vacation LOL. Fucking worthless pieces of shit.

      Anyways. So I wait a week to pass, and I call them again. This time, they told me "the manual cashout has been created", whatever the fuck that means. I said to myself great, finally the money will reach my account within 2-4 days. Guess what? OF COURSE FUCKING NOT.
      I was about to hang up the phone when he said that the cashout had been created, because I thought they were finally done with everything. But then I asked if this means that everything has been done by their end, and that its now up to the banks to handle the payments.

      The answer i got tilted me the fuck out of this world. He said "well the cashout is definitely in the last stages. We have to send this manual cashout to the department that confirms cashouts. This process takes about 5 business days. THEN after that, you will recieve your money in 2-4 days." FUCKING WOW MATE. FUCK YOU YOU LITTLE BITCH FUCK. Wasn't my cashout "confirmed" 2 weeks ago you cheeky cunt? And why should this "confirmation" take fucking 5 business days? I guess they are confirming manual cashouts left and right, so they have to take so much fucking time to only confirm this bullshit. And that means this will take about another 2 weeks. Fuck you partypoker, I would press my dick inside your servers and jizz in them so you would never be able to get it running again. If partypoker had a mother, shed be sitting on my dick right now. Lol @ my rage, but anyways. Things turned out well, all in all. Hope you all stop playing at partypoker and realize what piece of shit scumbags they are. aaaand im done.

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      :f_thumbsup: :f_thumbsup:

      your writing style is enjoyable to read
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      @pa1rick Haha thanks mate, glad to know people are enjoying reading this
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      Originally posted by samkashmir
      @pa1rick Haha thanks mate, glad to know people are enjoying reading this
      definitely, keep us informed :f_biggrin:
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      will do!
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      So ??
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      So after complaining and speaking to him for over an hour, and I was told that my account has permanently been closed under the reason that I have two accounts under my name (which I don't actually have).

      they should appoligize for this, and tell, sorry, our programmers did a bad job. They should first check if there is existing account with same info and if not, then create account. As a programer, I can say that this is very basic thing in programing, and only total beginners would skip this check.

      Happened to me similar thing. My friend made a deposit on his party poker account using my skrill account (i entered my password),
      they accepted money and then wanted to lock the money and not allow to play, because skrill account didnt match players account which is against their laws. So I told them, that party poker software should take care of this, and check first if skrill account belongs to the players account, if not, it should notify player that he cant make that payment, and not punish a player if he made payment. Then they ignored my email, because they could obviously not say how unprofessional they are, but they let my friend play with the deposited money.

      Another issue with them, I once was tired and missclicked "opt out" button for 450$ bonus, which resulted in my bonus being deleted, and then I explained them that I missclicked, why would I want to delete my own money, and why is there even button to delete money, but they said they cant do anything about it, it is entered in the system and cant be undone (which is also ridicules, off course it can be redone).

      Then so many disconnection issues, bugs and so on. I came to conclusion, that casinos dont trust to professional programers, because they afraid that programers could implement something in their own favor (like bots, or equity advantage), and thats why some guy from casino implements software on his own, and does it so ridicules unprofessional. I dont see what other reason can it be for so bad software, it is actually not at all complicated to implement such software, and experienced developer would need like few months to do whole project, plus few months on protection against hackers. I am wondering, how secure it is vs bots and hackers, if they cant handle so simple bugs.
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      Im on partypokers for 2 months now. my money got frozen twice so far without any reason. First time they apologized for having server problems by telling me that this is an exception. Now it got me my money frozen for the second time and they didnt even bother to answer my mail which I sent them 2 weeks ago.

      Also I noticed some bugs too so far...

      All in all I would say pokerstars may be the better option, even though I made some bad experience there too.

      I guess the problem with all those pokersites is that as they are controversial and in some countries forbidden they are trying to compensate their bad image by setting up ridiculously strict rules.