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Hi, worth a look

    • fak3rs1RNMD
      Joined: 22.03.2010 Posts: 2
      Hey guys, ive been playing NLHE for about 3 years, started of with freerolls in FTP thn moved to PKR stayed there till i cashed out my first 150usd, thn i just hit a bad streak, even AA preflop with a loose agressive player wasnt enough as he hit straight on the flop with 79off in his hands, anyway i stoped for year and thn went back to FTP, where i was cashing few 1.10usd tourneys and thn my luvk run out again as i went to play cash games. Now i just recently grabbed the free money at NetBet poker, and for 2 days im up 33usd, by playing the cash games. either way i have done lots of studying about opening ranges, positions, 3bets, steals, but still cant get the edge, maybe i loose my concentration along the way, or im just not following up after each session, but its hard to follow ur hands on NetBet when HM4 wont save my hands.

      anyway im thinking of turning this 10usd tht i got from into 1k in a month, but the grind will propably start just after new year, as im dealing with my health problems atm. so i will keep it updated, and if someone could suggest me a poker tracker for Net Bet poker room, id appreciate it.

      thanks, Oscar

      GL & HF + cash in whenever u can :)
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    • MichFran
      Joined: 22.07.2007 Posts: 156
      Welcome, and good luck on that project :)
    • Ramble
      Joined: 17.11.2008 Posts: 1,460
      Hi fak3rs1, glad you came out of the shadows and decided to introduce yourself!

      It looks like you have already taken advantage of the free money offers and have been getting some studying in - that's great! One thing that seemed to make a big difference for me was only focusing on one area of study at a time for a couple of weeks, until I was sure I knew it well, and could apply it consistently. For example, when I was looking at improving my stealing - I developed some ranges from each position (CO, BU, and SB) and tried them out - a lot. After a few weeks of focusing on this one area only, with my full attention, did I start to understand what stealing ranges worked under what conditions.

      One thing that is critically important but often overlooked is bankroll management. If you haven't already applied it, I suggest you check out this article all about BRM.

      As for poker tracking software - there are some top-notch ones listed on the Poker Tools section of this site.

      I'm looking forward to your challenge - are you going to blog about it? If so, be sure to create a blog in our bloggers section.

      Good Luck in your challenge!