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Poker to fund my Europe trip!?

    • rubberduckie000
      Joined: 12.09.2011 Posts: 177
      So I think this is my 3rd attempt at making a blog, hopefully this lasts a bit longer than the other 2.... I'll reintroduce myself.

      I'm a typical 21 year old male from Western Australia; 2.5 year dropout of a uni degree, no idea what to do in life, and hugely enjoy playing poker!... If only all my genius mates were in the same spot as me...

      The beginning of 2014 I finally took the decision I should have made 2 years earlier to pull out of uni and stop wasting time and money of myself and others. Having only a small 20-25hr per week job and not wanting to put any effort into finding a decent fulltime job I decided to take a gap (half) year and go to France where I have lots of family. I arrived start of September and here I am still hugely enjoying my vacations / time off to truly find what to do in my life.

      Before I left on my trip I had stopped playing poker altogether due to me simply being a bad player with serious tilt issues and no long term success to show for my hours spent playing since I turned 18.

      I'm not sure what made me start again, but well yea, I did. November 19th (I think) I opened a account with the intentions of truely truely giving poker another shot with a much more controlled temperament and mind set towards the game.

      My idea was a 1 time only deposit of €200 which I decided was an amount I could afford to risk, but if that was gone then I was done for good.

      Now ideally I want to be able to use my poker winning as my traveling funds in France/Europe until I decide to go back to Aus. Now I'm not stupid enough to rely on poker money to fund this trip, so if all went to shit I wouldn't be begging on the streets for money etc. I have a comfortable amount in my bank + finding odd jobs around the place + lots of family so most of the places im staying at I'm not paying accommodation. But it would give me so much confidence and happiness in the idea that poker funded for all/part of this amazing experience.

      The games that I play are mostly 6max mtt turbo/hypers
      HU mtt/sng/cash turbo/hypers

      I had some goals written up before my first deposit:

      * MTT cash over €1,000
      * Reach €1,500 bankroll
      * Post HH on forums
      * Find study group's to join

      One thing that I have realized to be important for me here is not to get too carried away with poker while I'm on this possibly once in a lifetime journey. I am not playing massive daily sessions, in fact I mostly play only a few hours at night, and most of the time I'm 1 or 2 tabling playing on my phone as some places i dont want go lug around my laptop while travelling.
      I'm not expecting poker to be my career, but its a great source of entertainment for me so far.
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    • rubberduckie000
      Joined: 12.09.2011 Posts: 177
      My poker background:

      Doesn't consist of much, but I have always been interested in 6max and Hu games. My first 2 attempts at a poker blog was me trying to grind 6max hyper saties and hu cash games. Which always ended in the same situation of me tilting off my roll after 1 month, or needing to withdrew funds to pay for stuff.

      1 month+ since I started:

      So its been over 1 month since I began this account, and I can safely and easy say.... Its been my best ever month+ of poker success.
      Within my first 50 mtts played I shipped an MTT for €800 ish, a hu mtt for €325 with a few other close calls. Before this I had never cashed over $1000, which thanks to the € to $ conversion I have now successfully done so.

      But my goal was €1000 so I still have not completed that.

      My current bankroll is: €2098.62

      I have set all my account limits:
      MTTs €35 max (only play 1 €30 hu mtt the rest i play are €20 or less).
      SNG: €10 max.
      CASH: Blocked for the moment.

      My new bankroll goal: €3500
    • rubberduckie000
      Joined: 12.09.2011 Posts: 177
      So things are continuing to go in the right direction...
      Just shipped my favourite hu mtt for €370 aswell as a few small cashes during the week.
      Had the best start to 2015 i could ask for, on 888poker where im being staked, i played only 1 mtt early morning jan 1st and shipped it for $6xx.xx and then made the ft the following night, out 5th with a dirty badbeat but no troubles.

      My current bankroll is: €2505.01
    • TheMarxBros3
      Joined: 21.09.2008 Posts: 1,346
      I am going to follow along to see how you make out in your adventure.

      I also follow a blog written by a young French gentleman who is travelling around the world financed by poker.

      I find it very interesting .

      World Poker Trip
    • rubberduckie000
      Joined: 12.09.2011 Posts: 177
      Hey! At least i know 1 person will be reading this! Im not too great at writing good blogs... ill try my best and hope to have some big success! Ill be following the other guys blog too looks good fun!

      Not a very good night tonight... barely played any games, found what i thought was a great r/a satellite but ended up getting myself massively trapped by rebuying until the final addon not realising how short an addon was going to be anyway... anyway, dropped about €140 on that for a €250 ticket which i feel well short of.... :(
      Then lost AK vs K2 aipr to bubble the €30 hu mtt

      Could someone tell me how to post HH for this forum? tried but didn't seem to have a converter for pokerstrategy

      My current bankroll is: €2360.48
    • TheMarxBros3
      Joined: 21.09.2008 Posts: 1,346
      I use weak tight exclusively for hands.
      Once you post the hand to weak tight you then have to press;
      1- submit-------- then
      2-2p2--------so it converts it into a forum form-----then
      3-left click so everything turns to blue-------then
      4-right click to copy-------and finally
      5-paste here


      $0.25/$0.50 Pot Limit Omaha Hi
      8 Players
      Hand Conversion Powered by

      UTG Bapu-Gigi ($53.52) 107bb
      UTG+1 HappyToFold ($58.23) 116bb
      MP1 SpielbankDe ($59.15) 118bb
      MP2 TheMarxBros3 ($48.37) 97bb
      CO Stollinho ($70.85) 142bb
      BTN Der_1_Pate ($51.18) 102bb
      SB RupertMurdoc ($50) 100bb
      BB DRKRUCHY ($40) 80bb

      Pre-Flop: ($0.75, 8 players) TheMarxBros3 is MP2 10:club: 10:heart: A:diamond: J:heart:
      3 folds, TheMarxBros3 raises to $1.75, 3 folds, DRKRUCHY calls $1.25

      Main Pot : ($3.75)
      DRKRUCHY: -$0.66 EV (29.10%)
      TheMarxBros3: +$0.91 EV (70.90%)

      Flop: J:club: 8:diamond: 4:heart: ($3.75, 2 players)
      DRKRUCHY checks, TheMarxBros3 checks

      Main Pot : ($3.75)
      DRKRUCHY: +$1.77 EV (47.30%)
      TheMarxBros3: +$1.98 EV (52.70%)

      Turn: 2:heart: ($3.75, 2 players)
      DRKRUCHY bets $3.58, TheMarxBros3 calls $3.58

      Main Pot : ($10.91)
      DRKRUCHY: +$0.76 EV (39.80%)
      TheMarxBros3: +$2.99 EV (60.20%)

      River: A:spade: ($10.91, 2 players)
      DRKRUCHY checks, TheMarxBros3 bets $5.21, DRKRUCHY calls $5.21

      Main Pot : ($21.33)
      DRKRUCHY: -$5.21 EV (0.00%)
      TheMarxBros3: +$16.12 EV (100.00%)

      Final Pot: $21.33
      DRKRUCHY shows
      10:diamond: A:heart: 9:club: 7:heart:
      TheMarxBros3 shows two pair, Aces and Jacks
      10:club: 10:heart: A:diamond: J:heart:

      TheMarxBros3 wins $20.37 (net +$9.83)

      DRKRUCHY lost $10.54

      Hope this helps
    • rubberduckie000
      Joined: 12.09.2011 Posts: 177
      So i had this hand a few nights ago in a superko mtt final table.
      CO had just lost a 60k hand 77 vs 66 aipr, really wasnt sure if this was a call or fold here though. I did take into consideration it could have been a stone cold tilt shove, and with ko bounty available is this an easy call? My thoughts was he was shoving any Ax here.

      888 Poker - |1750/3500 Ante 350 NL - Holdem - 7 players
      Hand converted by PokerTracker 4:

      BTN: 67,894
      Hero (SB): 81,112
      BB: 48,530
      UTG: 62,110
      UTG+1: 60,276
      MP: 74,105
      CO: 30,973

      7 players post ante of 350, Hero posts SB 1,750, BB posts BB 3,500

      Pre Flop: (pot: 7,700) Hero has Jd Ks
      fold, fold, fold, CO raises to 30,623, fold, fold, fold

      CO wins 11,200