What you guys do with low pairs in early phase at the start of a sit n go ?

    • coerdy
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      It's hard to know what u have to do, 'c ause there are multiple situations
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      Originally posted by coerdy
      It's hard to know what u have to do, 'c ause there are multiple situations
      It depends on position, stack sizes and action before you...

      Generally speaking though I don't limp them or fold them - so I'll open with them if the effective stacks are deep enough. I'll generally flat-call a single opener but not a re-raise. If I open though, I'm not terribly attached to them if there is lots of pressure coming back in the form of re-raises.
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      Hi, coerdy,
      How low is a low pair?
      What position are you in?
      Don't be afraid to just chuck 'em in the muck if they're like less than 6s and you're in the first two or even three positions if there are lots of active players behind you.

      Don't be afraid to raise them first in from BTN, and maybe even SB if BB folds a lot to steals.
      Just don't get too attached to them.

      Perhaps you could look at some SnG silver videos and get some pointers

      Best of luck,
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      Hey coerdy,

      As a 45 man Sng player, I like to setmine with them. I'll open if it's unopened or try to limp behind an opener. However if I have a known player behind me who has a history of squeezing, then it can be an easy preflop fold.

      I certainly won't get attached but it's so lucrative to be able to stack villain/s when they hit TPTK type hands or they have an overpair to the board. Incidentally I class 22-66 as low pairs.

      GL at the tables :gl: