I don't like the adverts that give the impression winning money at poker is easy because it isn't, in fact all these ads do now is make me avoid what they are advertising.
I have done some study and have had better results in tournaments as I have some degree of control on when I need to bet to win hands now, I have finished twice in the money positions out of three today but only small amounts as this was practice, so my comment about it being blind luck is not correct, sorry.
Winning money on NL cash tables is very hard now on PKR but losing it is very easy even at the NL2's so be warned, I think it will be so everywhere soon as pokers sites are being advertised to death in the UK.
I'd give it another year or so before all the lower stakes NL tables are full of rocks which is a shame (they always seem to have the upper hand and cards but I know you'll say it's variance so why is it always negative variance when I play?)

The easiest way to not lose money is to not play.