Hoping to raise the stakes soon

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      Not posted anything for ages since I didn't have much to say.

      I probably play 4-5 hours a week at the lowest micro stakes. I started with £50 and now have £92, after 20k hands...not sure whether that is good or bad really but at least it's not a negative figure.

      I have noticed recently that I have big up swings and relatively smaller down swings. I am definitely not a born risk taker so I expect I am getting bluffed out of a few too many pots but I can live with that, it ain't worth the price of knowing for sure most of the time.

      Once I reach my goal of £125 I am planning to step up to the next micro level of 5/10cent. I have observed a few games and made a few notes of possible future opponents. Up until now the games appear no tougher than the 1/2cent games. But hopefully I will find out in a few months.

      I think I am getting better to be honest but it's hard to tell really. I know I need to focus on dealing with lunatics as its difficult for me to go all the way without at least 2 pair even against a complete maniac.

      Anyway that's my musings for the day.
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