Playing after an opening raise and a cold-caller in 5CD

    • Karl1977
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      One thing I've been wondering about in fixed limit 5CD is also this: suppose one player open-raises the pot from the hijack, a second one calls cold from the cutoff, the BTN folds and you're next to act. Assume this is a new or unknown player and you don't have any notes or reads on him yet.
      What would be your minimal playable hand at this point? Do you consider this situation similar to playing after a raise and 3-bet on the predraw round, despite the fact that the 2nd player merely called the raise cold, and as such did not really show any strength?

      Of course it's possible that this is a weak player who simply never 3-bets but simply calls when he finds a playable hand after a raise, but I think there aren't many players like those: even players who limp in the pot being first-in tend to fold after a raise nowadays
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    • bigpooch
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      The minimal playing hand will be AA ( without a K). I wouldn't play AAK because that K would take away almost half of the combinations of KK the HIJ could have opened with, a hand that AA is ahead of. Still, even with AA, I'd tend to fold if the opener was rather tight and tend to call if the opener tends to bluff multiway pots ( then the AA is at least a bluff-catcher some of the time ). Even though AA is the minimal playing hand, I would muck any weak two pairs with an A/K kicker and probably muck the weakest two pairs 5544 down to 3322. A good scenario with a weak two pairs in the SB would be that the opener has QQ/KK, the cold caller has AA or an even weaker two pairs. Another consideration is if the cutoff is a trappy player, he may have smooth called with a big hand like high trips, to try to entice any of the BTN, SB or BB to find something to play. Although in the SB you would have good relative position in a 3-way pot, you would be in the payoff position if the opener bets postdraw; hopefully, the opener has a bluffing range.

      The situation when the HIJACK open raises and is 3-BET is different, since the typical ranges for 3-betting are stronger than those for cold calling. In that case, in the SB, you probably can't play anything less than aces up and even aces up might not be worth playing. You'd also tend to cap it to knock out the original opener ( and the BB ) to get the pot heads up since just about any hands other than a weak two pairs the opener could have will have okay equity/implied odds to call the third bet predraw.