How would you rank your tilt factor?

    • jhonnikol15
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      For the most part I'm pretty calm and collected at the poker tables. Sometimes I might lose a big hand that is a shock to my system and I can get a bit "spewy" when that happens, but I'm pretty good at recognizing when I'm getting "spewy" and say thats time for going out for a smoke. During my small break outside on the patio, I go over the hand with myself.

      I would put my "tilt" factor at about a 3/10, maybe even a 2/10, Im guessing Phil Ivey is about a 0/10 since tilt really plays no factor in his game. Really I haven't donk shoved because I was mad at the table in probably several weeks or possibly months. Im curious as to what kind of factor tilt plays into your game?

      Playing $10 and $25 buy in tables might have something to do with it however, I'm wondering if the higher stakes I go the bigger tilt plays a factor. I generally treat my poker cash as separate from cash in my bank or stock account.
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    • Harrier88
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      Hi and welcome, jhonnikol15!

      I'd say my tilt factor might be around 3/10 in SNGs and tournament poker in general, but more like 7-8/10 in cash games. I'm just not that confident in this format, and while I'm usually reasonable calm at the tables, some big, unfortunate moments can often cause a snowball effect that takes my entire game apart.

      This is not much of a problem for me in SNGs, which is why tend to stick to this format.
    • scottc18
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      Tilt is by far the most damaging part of my game. At first when i tilt i get very spewy and eventually i just think fuck it and start playing limits waaaay above my BR and skill level. Learning to recognize and change it is my main goal for now. Hopefully reading TMGOP will help in some way.
    • Ramble
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      I think there are waaay more threads/posts about bad-beats then there are about tilt, but I think there are waaay more chips lost to tilt then bad beats.

      Lately though I seem to be noticing a trend that I think is very positive - more threads like this one talking about tilt and people admitting what a big factor it plays in their decisions at the tables. As more of these threads appear I think more people will look at taking action to address their tilt issues.
    • vaulsc
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      I'm not so tilted by individual pots, but a series of bad beats within a 100-hand stretch does result in me needing to take a break in order to avoid tilt. I know this isn't a bad-beats thread but is this kind of gap between all-in equity and results something everyone else easily takes into their stride? I'm lucky I only play nl2