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Limp-reraise predraw in 5CD?

    • Karl1977
      Joined: 25.08.2014 Posts: 10
      Another thing worth investigating about is the profitability of a play I see some players use with some frequency at 0.10/0.20: they limp-reraise on the predraw round i.e. they limp in UTG, and when someone raises behind them they will 3-bet. From what I've observed, they only do this with pat hands of various strengths. Though it may work once, of course it doesn't take long to learn that when that player makes this play, he probably holds a pat hand.

      Imo you would need a very strong hand to do this (with a pat straight or pat flush limping in is giving other players a cheap chance to try and outdraw you) and I think your expectation would be higher if instead of reraising predraw, you follow a consequent slowplaying strategy where you have a higher chance of getting paid again on the postdraw round (why? simply because you did not show any strength predraw already)
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    • VorpalF2F
      Super Moderator
      Super Moderator
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      OK, here's a thought...
      Like you, I'm highly suspicious of limp/3bet lines.
      "Everyone knows that means a pat hand".

      OK, just for fun, I'll try it with air.

      I'll let you know the results :D

      The goal with a real pat hand is to get called post-draw by someone looking you up with trips or Aces up.

      If you limp re-raise that won't happen unless you're truly beaten.
      If you l/r then pat you give the secret away. l/c then pat is only slightly better.
      I figure I may as well bet. If they have something to play back with, they will.