My poker emotions are changing.. for the better!

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      Hey guys,

      I am posting in the Successes and Challenges thread as I consider the following to be a success in my game / mental game.

      Was grinding the .01/.02c Zoom on Pokerstars tonight, was doing alright and had my stack up to about $5.50 in the first 20min or so. Then I took a few big hits, and every time my AKo / AKs ran into AA! The first and 2nd time I figured I was unlucky, the 3rd and 4th all I could do was laugh.

      Then I realised... I lost all my profit and my initial buy in, and shrugged it off. The old me would have lost that first AA v AK and lost my shit. Looked for the closest thing to throw or punch, I would yell RIGGED or BULLSHIT and generally flip out. As for the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th time, I would have rage quit for sure.
      I am at a point with my emotional management that I see hands for what they are now. All I can do is play the best I can play and get my money in good, and if I run into aces or have someone hit runner runner draw then so be it. The cards are on the table and there is no positive gain from flipping out.

      Maybe it is experience, maybe it is maturity, but I am glad it has finally happened. Tonight was the first time I realised, haha. Anyway I bought back in and an hour later I had won back my intial buy in and was up another $1.50. I decided to call the session there as I was starting to get a bit distracted, so overall it was a profitable session. Obviously we aren't talking about any decent amounts of money, but it all adds up. Plus we have to start somewhere!

      -N :milord:
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