my post vanished from small talk

    • iSoOwnYou
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      Hi I posted about the French terror attacks last week and response from the magazine following.
      My post has vanished!

      I made sure it wasn't left or right wing nor was it racist.

      Where did it go?! Thanks
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    • Lazza61
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      Hey iSoOwnYou,

      It is not only political or racial discussions but also religious discussions are not allowed in the English community. Some PokerStrategy language communities have political discussion boards for these purposes.

      We don't have those boards here because our members are from all race, religious, cultural and political persuasions and there is very little that can be said without offending some of our members.

      Hope you understand

    • HNRoger
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      Most likely it was removed by mods, its not about your post itself, its about the arguments, discussions and debates it can lead to. You probably agree with me that it wouldnt exactly be "small talk"

      We all saw how the comment section of youtube videos look like, and i am sure that we can agree that we dont want it here. If its not something poker related, keep it light :)