Skrill withdrawal delay

    • alexhava
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      Hi all, I recently (Jan,2) did a withdrawal from my skrill account and still no income to my bank account. It was smoothly during 4 years and took 7 days max. I checked my setting all is verified, no limits or so. Does somebody know what happens with Skrill?
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    • HNRoger
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      Aaaaaa please keep me updated on this, i used skrill for withdraws in the last few million years.
      Lately their costumer service started to disappear and now i have to read this.
      My last skrill cashout was in mid december, was processed in normal few business days.
      I am scared cos same thing happened with cakepoker costumer service, before they decided not to pay any cashouts and sit on my money.
    • Lazza61
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      Hey alexhava,

      Wecome to :)

      You'll definitely need to contact their support. I have requested and received a bank transfer from skrill since as per screenshots below.

      Have you tried phoning them? We have had quite a few success stories where a simple phone call has solved the problem there and then. :f_grin:

      While you're waiting, why not take a moment or two to Introduce yourself! to us properly.

      Keep us updated

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