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    • XicsX
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      i am not new on this site, i found it a couple of years ago when i started playing online poker. Back then i also received the free money and a couple of strategy points from playing at Fulltiltpoker. I took a kinda long brake from online poker and now i decided to start playing again, this time at Pokerstars. My problem is that i made a new account without puting in the marketing code required to receive the Strategypoints (i just didn't knew this is needed). I also made a 300 Euros deposit. Now i would like to know if it is possible to receive Strategypoints on that account or i would have to open a new account with the marketing code ? I hope there is something that can be done because the second choice seems kinda stupid and i enjoy this site and would like to keep learning from your articles but for that i need to unlock the advanced ones too. Just want to know if i can learn more from your experts or i should try to find other sources...

      Thank you very much,
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    • Rihard4a
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      Nothing can be done now. You will not receive any points as you didn't use the code. And you cannot make another account, if you do you would break T&C of PokerStars and they will close down your account.
    • Bonbay
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      i dont know what to do anymore. i looked like all bigstack sixmax videos hundred times up to gold status. ill never reach platinum or higher because i change poker room to PokerStars (i think that i dont go there whit pokerstrategy many years ago). I hate my previous site PKR and have to stop playing there. sorry about my english ( it sucks) ps. ilove zoom :)