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Got Lucky On Party Poker!

    • ABShortland
      Joined: 21.11.2008 Posts: 281
      After receiving my $50 starting capital thanks to the wonderful people here at PokerStrategy i decided to see what it was like playing the higher cash tables as i've only ever played micro's on Stars.

      So i decided to take $40 into a $1/$2 table which would leave me $10 to play the SSS.

      After 11 hands i got pocket Aces as SB and was just praying someone raised. Everyone folded round to the CO who raised to $8 which the BU called. I decided to follow the SSS and was going to make a reraise of $32 which was more than half of my stack, so i moved all in.

      CO folds but BU Calls and i win the hand! .. just over a $100 pot!

      And then a round later as the BB 4 people just flat called the BB and when i saw my cards and thought there wasn't even any point in checking! but luckily for me the flop came K77(rainbow), everyone including myself checked the flop and the turn came with an 8, i bet 2/3 of the pot ($7) and got reraised to $20 and every elses folds, action is back on me. I'm hoping my check on the flop would've thrown off the cent and as i moved all in my opponent calls seeing him reveal K5 which was no match for my 72 offsuit! .. The hammer had literally been dropped and i doubled up again to just over $200!

      Theres a nice little start to the evening! :)

      EDIT: i didn't want to spoil your Variance fun so i'll just edit this =]

      I'm only doing this for fun. I just wondered how the amount of money affects the way you make decisions. Obviously odds and outs never change but does the amount ever skew your perception on wether to call your draws etc.

      Anyway, have fun spelling variance!
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