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Luck is for Leprechauns & you ain't green!!

    • misbijeli
      Joined: 01.07.2010 Posts: 2
      Hello to everybody and welcome to my very first post/thread on PokerStrategy.

      Who the hell is this guy?
      I am 29 years old and I live in a small beautiful town of Zadar in the country of Croatia. Finished elementary and high school in my home town with the highest grades possible. My teachers wanted me to skip 2nd grade and go straight to 3rd my mother didn't like that idea and I thank her for that.

      Honestly never did really warm up my chair and always did great grades just by paying attention at class and remembering tone of stuff. Different thing happened at college tho; my choise was psychology and due to my bad habits of not learning and after 2 years i quit the college. Today when i look at that time I think maybe I had some authority issues perhaps and couldn't really motivate my self to learn that much just because someone said so.

      Worked various kind of jobs. I would quicklly become really good at it. Practice makes perfection as always in life. Did earn enough money to be able to party regulary all year round for years. Didn't care about what future brings.
      Cooking is my biggest passion. Always loved it and enjoyed it and in the summer of 2014 got the oportunity to work as a chef. Alone, my own kitchen and my own recipes. Very lucky I think cause I never did work that profesionally but knew a lot about it. O man that's hard work I must say. Nothing like anybody thinks. It is creative, it is passionate but it hard work baby...

      So I will cut this long story short; season ended, tourists gone, city empty and I am again unemployed. That same job is waiting for me starting from April 1st or something like that.

      I live in a house with my mother and my brother (father was long gonne, still here but gone when it comes to important stuff), me and my brother have each our own apartment in that house and mother lives ground floor. In my country it is very common to own a house or two because of the former system that “allowed“ people to just buy construction material and to make a house without any blueprints or confirmation from the gouverment and that kind of stuff.

      Oh look people make money in online poker!
      Enough about me let's talk poker, that's why I am here in the first place. I found out about online poker in 2008 and soon I made a deposit on PokerStars of 50$. Busted very quickly as I thought that just beeing smart makes you a winner. Little bit of surfing and I found FullTilt. You could deposit 10$ there so I switched there and stayed playing untill black friday. I played all sort of games, from mtt's, sng's and cash games. No BRM off course and playing fishy as hell. After mentioned friday I started playing at PS again. Did grind a lot in 2012 but no serious cash came from that hoby. 2013 and 2014 the same story; deposit 10-20$ play for a few days, sometimes weeks and of course busted.

      Second most important thing about poker happened a few weeks ago (1st was before but will tell u later). I went to my FT history and i found that I deposited exactly 1645$ only on FullTilt and cashed out only 200$. Oh boy was I surprised. PokerStars has history up to 60 days so I saw I did only 120$ deposit in last 2 months. I am afraid to check with them how much is the total because most of my play during the years was there. My estimate is at least 5 times that amount and I know I cashed out about a 1000$ through out the years.
      This is important because it will all change in months ahead of me.

      I think I have an account in every single poker room there is. Each time I would go bust I would try to find a way to get a few dollars for free. Basically I have been a loosing player fo all these years. If any of u guys won a 5k tournament u should know that I gave you a huge part of that money. So you are very much welcome.

      So you think you've got what it takes?
      For the past 2,5 years I was reserching a lot online. About tone of stuff just to find what I will do in life. Tried to find something that I will enjoy working and earn money in the way. I must say I have became an expert in finding out how some stuff works and how to become better at it. From gardening to making beer, cooking and all kind of different stuff. So basically I would master the theory in a record time and was always eager to start doing it. Tried almost all of it, became good at it and then just passed to another occupation when it didn't fulfill the satisfactory level I anticipated.

      Poker was another story. Did read some books (the old 1's), theory for the most part and I thought that if I play enough hands I would get better at it. I always had a job and could not play that much quality hours daily. So I was fishy fish in a pool of sharks. Even other fishes were sharks for me. I never gave it a shot how I should have.

      So back to 1st most important thing about poker and in my life in general. It is HER!!! I met her almost 2 and a half years ago. Love at first sight in it's full form. I had my fair share of girls, always had a steady relationship and acctually I was single for a couple of months only since i was 15. To not make this a love story the thing that change for me was that I started to think and plan for two people. Every single plan, idea or a dream had her included. All that lead me to a decision that I am gonna take poker seriously and earn my living from it. Regarding of poker and all my future life achivements she has been my biggest support and so far one of few.

      Home alone!
      Back to important stuff now. I started getting my life in order for the last few weeks. I don't believe in New years decisions so this is not one of those kind. Reading blogs, watching videos, getting books, involving in this great world of poker.
      I don't know anyone that plays poker online or live. I don't talk about poker with any of people in my life. Or they don't understand it and think it's just a gamble, or they play it on facebook and wanna know how many millions I can send them if they add me as a friend.
      Knew about coaching years ago, never got any tho. Heard about coaching for profit not so long ago, and staking was something I heard maybe a few days ago.

      Started this blog so I can get some feedback from the community, to post some hand and to get some guideance in future. I am alone in this journey and the best thing I can do now is to copy all the good things that many people here do to improve their skills. Just bought the HEM2 (didn't know wtf is it), gonna set him up these days and figure out how that works.

      I will start my own challenge here in this blog on the 1st of february, untill then setting up my HUD, having some must read books, getting rid of all of my bad habits and focusing on sharpening my brain.
      Starting from the rock bottom, NL2 6max, proper BRM and climb fast, climb really fast till i hit the sky.
      Gonna post my military working plan and all my little challenges in the next few days so we can all be ready for this great journey.
      Thank you all for being a part of something great!!
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