Not a big downswing but it's been a long one.

    • SalamiandCheese
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      Uggghhh, I'm plenty bankrolled for this limit (NL20-FR, 40 buy-ins) but damn today was bad and I've only had 1 winning session in the last 11 days since I went back to BSS. I played a little NL50 but stopped that since I was break-even after 10k hands. So in total, I haven't added to the bankroll in about a month.

      Here's two graphs. The first is the standard chart and the other shows winnings in showdown and non-showdown hands.

      For the second one, isn't the showdown line supposed to be above the non-showdown? The non-showdown line is usually in negative territory, right? Well I don't know what to make of this so I'm posting some of stats so that someone can evaluate them and see if there something I've done wrong like not folding when I'm beat, or maybe just fold post-flop altogether!

      Reading the first column then the second column is probably less confusing.

      Hands CBet F
      3,466 74.04

      VP$IP Fold F CB
      15.35 42.11

      PFR Bet Flop
      10.42 38.61

      3Bet PF Fold F Bet
      3.14 71.08

      FoldPF3B Flop AF
      76.71 4.49

      AttSteal Fold T Bet
      34.58 61.9

      FoldSBStl Turn AF
      93.33 2.28

      FoldBBStl Fold R Bet
      82.5 55.26

      AF River AF
      3.17 1.71

      W$SD WTSD
      34.96 25.89
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    • SalamiandCheese
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      Ahhhh jeez I'm such a wuss. I should just suck it up. But the 2nd graph is interesting. How the hell I got the non-showdown line consistently above zero and end up a losing I don't know.
    • jonnyjm
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      mayeb been overlly aggresive with good hands when you should be floating?

      or calling to offten with weak made hands.
    • slikec
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      You are aggressive which is not bad at all.

      This is not good:

      Won $ at showdown only 35%. That is bad. Problem is that i can not say you see to many showdowns since with your aggression

      is not high.

      Evaluate specific hands when you are uncertain would be probably the best advise,

    • SalamiandCheese
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      I started playing a bit of fixed limit .25/.50 today. After a playing on a half dozen or so tables I noticed that people stop playing with me, probably because they know I'm gonna bet, bet, bet when I have a hand so they started to fold a lot. This is good because I can then steal pots cheap, but in NL I think people were not wanting to call and see the turn-river because they know I'll be betting, so they were avoiding me unless they had a strong hand. This would explain the nice upward sloping non-showdown line and that I was losing at showdown. So basically my plan for NL is to keep the aggression but see less showdowns and mix it up a bit, have my wtsd be around 20-23 or so and throw in a float or two now and then.

      I went back to NL20 yesterday and ran into a set of 3's twice to start off... the ugliness just continued X(