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Hud question

    • HNRoger
      Joined: 12.06.2007 Posts: 116
      Hey, i just started to mess with HeM and could use some pro advice.

      My first question is recommended stats to display (without overwhelming me too much). Any link to some guidance post or site would be welcome, no need to fully elaborate.

      My other question is that if there is a way to see a "reverse hud", basicly my perceived image, the stats that the opponent sees while playing me?

      Thanks in advance
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    • Ramble
      Joined: 17.11.2008 Posts: 1,460
      What game format are you playing? it might help with the advice a bit...

      If you are not used to a HUD less is definitely more starting out - VPIP / PFR / # Hands is all I would start out with until you are comfortable using these.

      As for a reverse HUD - if you choose to display a HUD over you, it will show the same stats for you from that table. (I think you can also have it display your entire history stats, but not sure about that...)

      If you do a forum search for HUD (especially under PokerTools section) you should find some threads that will help.

      Hope that helps a bit.
    • nathanrenard
      Joined: 09.02.2009 Posts: 822
      Hey there @HNRoger,

      So my advice for HUD stats for a beginner using it would be a little bit more than specified , but try out the standard 'Expanded' that comes with HM2. It automatically puts the same HUD on you, but I wouldn't advise showing all your hands, what it does is show your stats for that current session/table.

      It's good because you can have an idea of your perceived image at the table for non-hud users, and to see your all time stats, just look at your reports. The reason i wouldn't advise using all your stats at the table, is because as your hands database gets larger, it will cause to slow the performance of HM, and for a non likely good purpose.

      The 'Expanded' HUD shows 10 stats, could seem a lot, but with time you'll understand them better. You will before hand make decisions based on VPIP/PFR. And with time 3Bet, CBet and Fold do CB become a obvious choice. To me the most important of the stats is in there, called WTSD%. Which indicates how ofter villain will go to showdown.

      With time, you'll end up tinkering and creating your very own hud. Don't get overwhelmed by the amount of unknown numbers, just forget about them, and try to get used to it in the process. If you feel like it's going to be too much, just stay with the Default 2.0 for a while, the most basic 4 stats any poker player could need.
    • HNRoger
      Joined: 12.06.2007 Posts: 116
      Thanks for the replies, well i have a basic one set up with vpip/pfr/3bet/f3bet/fold to steal - donkbet / cbet/fcbet/skip cbet and check call/ raise. And thanks the wtsd% should definately be there also.

      My problem is with zoom / speed, if i play a regular table i am fully aware of my table image without hud even.
      But on zoom / speed etc i have no way to tell what another reg saw in the x100 hands we played together.
    • netsrak
      Joined: 11.03.2006 Posts: 37,421
      HM2 does not support stats a opponent has on you. I think its possible to create some with Notecaddy